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Name: ROUTLEDGE, William Scoresby

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Birth Date: 28 Mar 1859 Melbourne, Australia

Death Date: 31 July 1939 London (Putney Vale cem)

Nationality: British

First Date: 1902

Profession: Anthropologist

Area: Nyeri

Married: In Darlington 6.8.1906 1906 Katherine Maria Pease b.11.8.1866 Darlington, d. 13.12.1935

Author: 'With a Prehistoric People' 1910

Book Reference: SE, Leys, Passions, Oscar, Stoneham - Mau, Land 1903, Hut, North, Drumkey, Land, Advertiser

School: Christ Church Oxford; medicine at Univ Coll Hosp London (did not complete)

General Information:

SE - W.S. Routledge - Nyeri
Oscar - in a letter home Oscar Watkins wrote - 'In the particular case brought to light, while I hold no brief for the culprit, it is only fair to say that he put his work as an officer before his private fears. Mr Routledge, the settler who brought up the case, wanted land in the district which the official in question controlled, and was refused on the report of the official. Out here, the whole thing is regarded as private spite, and not as a noble attempt to purify public service, which could have been done equally well without publishing individual names.'  
Land Grant 1903  - W. Scoresby Routledge - Building, 1 acre or so - Chania - Dec 22 - Freehold
North - Fort Hall, Dec 1902, Oct 1903; 'an amusing companion though a trifle eccentric …. a bit of a stinker' (McGregor-Ross, RH)
Land - 1910 - W.S. Routledge - Buildings, 1 acre - Near Chania River, Nyeri - 16/3/07 - Freehold - Registered 23/9/10 Advertiser - 19/2/1909 - comment on W. Scoresby Routledge's letters to The Times
Leys - Mr & Mrs Routledge had, in a letter to the Times, exposed the fact that a district officer, convicted of raping a native policeman's wife, had received trivial punishment. - see Hubert Silberrad
After wife institutioalised for mental illness in 1928 he moved to Kyrenia, Cyprus.

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