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Name: TRITTON, Claude Henry OBE

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Nee: son of Joseph Henry Tritton

Birth Date: 12.10.1874 London

Death Date: 8.2.1959 Great Leighs, Essex

First Date: 1904

Profession: Boma Trading Co.

Area: Victoria Street, Nairobi, Hut - Farm 895 Nanyuki

Married: In Braintree, Essex 17.7.1906 Evelyn Mary Strutt b. 6.2.1883 Terling, Essex, d. 10 Dec 1965 London

Children: Ronald Edward (Nairobi 29.4.1907-1990); John Hedley (18 Mar 1913 Paddington-1988)

Book Reference: SE, HBEA, Ainsworth, Cranworth, Hut, Playne, Drumkey, Land, Burke, EAHB 1907, Leader14, Web, North

War Service: Major RASC WW1

School: Winchester and New College Oxford

General Information:

SE - C.H. Tritton - Victoria St., Nbi. - July 1907
Cranworth - 1906 - Nairobi - met at the station by Victor Newland, the big-game outfitter, who later became a great personal friend. ........... 'shortly before the War joined the board of Newland and Tralton. Original partners were V.M. Newland, Leslie Tarlton and Claude Tritton. Tritton ran the London end - he had been running a seed store in Nairobi and arrived in Nairobi some 2 years before us. Newland and Tarlton had come out as young men with some ludicrously small capital, I think about £200, and had built up what was till the war about the biggest business in the country ..... The original business of N. & T. had extended with great rapidity, and to it had been grafted on two most admirable side-lines in land agency and auctioneering ....... N. & T. hadn't a monopoly in any of their main enterprises.
The Boma Trading Co. competed in the outfitting, and H.F. Ward in the land agency, but it is safe to say that 75% of the business in each direction was retained, and that was enough to produce a very handsome profit indeed. Tarlton was the principal in the shooting Dept. He was himself a noted hunter and a remarkable rifle shot, with a bag of lions to his credit. Newland was the prime mover in everything else, and even found time to be a Legislative Councillor, and a most efficient one withal. He was the hardest-working man I've known ..... the downfall was, not, as cobblers, sticking to their last; ill luck; and Newland's absence during the Great War. After the war they stocked up for the anticipated boom which never came. - they employed 37 Europeans at an average salary of £500 p.a.
Playne - Newland, Tarlton & Co. Ltd. - The sportsman bent on big game shooting in BEA, perhaps the finest district in the world for his purpose, is always anxious to obtain some fore-knowledge of the condition of things generally, and to know what provision he must make to meet the particular requirements of the country in which he proposes to travel. He could not do better in the circumstances than to consult Messrs Newland, Tarlton & Co. Ltd., of Nairobi, who will willingly supply him with any information he needs, and, if so desired, will fit out any expedition he has in view. The firm was established in 1904 as land and stock agents, and in 1905 started safari outfitting, and has been associated with this country for the last 5 years. Mr V.M. Newland was born in South Australia, as also was Mr L.J. Tarlton, their respective fathers both having been pioneers in that colony. Mr C.H. Tritton, another partner, manages the London business, his father being a partner in Barclay's Bank, London.
Drumkey 1909 - Seedsman & Nurseryman, Nairobi
Land - Lord Cardross leased 10046 acres at West Kenya, passed to C.A. Tritton and L.J. Tarlton
Land 1909 - V.M. Newland, L.J. Tarlton, C.H. Tritton and others - Stock Sale Yards, 5 acres - Nakuru - 6/6/06 - Leasehold for 25 years from 1/1/09 - Registered 17/7/09
EAHB 1907 - Hon. Secretary EA Agricultural & Horticultural Society
HBEA - c/o Newland, Tarlton & Co., Nairobi.
Ainsworth - Hon. Sec. EA Horticultural & Agricultural Soc.

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