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Name: NEWTON-WILSON, George Henry

Birth Date: 1858

Death Date: 5.9.1930 Nairobi

First Date: 1897

Last Date: 1930

Profession: Permanent Way Inspector; later bought land and became one of first farmers to grow coffee

Area: Newton, Karen; Kiambu

Married: Mary Hannah Watcham b. 1870, d. Randburg, Transvaal

Children: none

Book Reference: SE, Red 25, Red 31, Hut, North, Red 22, Pioneers, Barnes, EAHB 1904, Gazette, Red 12, Gillett, Permanent Way

General Information:

SE - G. Newton Willson - Feb 1908
North - Settler - Land Grant applications 16/1/1902, Nairobi & 6/9/1903 Karuru; Farmer at Lower Kabete
HBEA - planted coffee in 1901. 1922 - sold 150 acres to Oscar and Olga Watkins
Red 22 - G.H.N. Wilson, Kiambu
Pioneers - Rosslyn - In 1905 the Crown sold land to T.A. Wood, later Mayor of Nairobi, and to Newton Wilson, whose holding became (1928) the Rosslyn Estate owned by Prince William of Sweden, Mr Bildt and Mr Forsby.
Nairobi Forest Road cemetery - George Newton Wilson, British, age 72, died 5/9/30
North - Railway appt. 13/8/1897; Permanent Way Inspector, Platelaying Division; Listed in Establishment Rolls under Engineering Dept. Permanent Way Inspector 30/6/1899; Land Grant applications, Nairobi 16/1/1902 & aruru 6/9/1903; On list of 'Principal Inhabitants of Nairobi' (EAM) 20/9/1903; 'A former clerk with the Government …. small Homestead near Nairobi …. bad name as an employer of labour' (F.J. Jackson, CO 533) Sept 1905
EAHB 1904 - Nairobi Residents - Wilson, G.H. Newton - Belle Vue near Nairobi
Gazette 23/1/1918 - PO Savings Bank - Deposits not claimed for 5 years - Geo. H Newton Wilson
Gazette - 29/10/1919 - Register of Voters - Kikuyu - Mary Hannah Newton Wilson, Settler, Kiambu
Gazette - 29/10/1919 - Register of Voters - Kikuyu - George Henry Newton Wilson, Settler, Kiambu
Patricia Lott Page - The Watcham family were in Kenya, first arriving in Mombasa in 1899 from the Straits Settlements, originally from Bangalore. They were variously coffee planters and farmers, at the 'Riverside' plantation in Nairobi (the subject of the famous law case, which is often quoted in boundary disputes), Gilgil and Thomson's Falls.
Mary Hannah Watcham - married George Henry Newton-Wilson - no children
Red 25 - G.H. Newton-Wilson, Kiambu (Red 31 the same but also at Thomson's Falls).
Hut - G.H. Newton-Wilson - 1925 Kiambu partner with Morrison Phelps & Fletcher.
Hut - G.H. Newton-Wilson 1931 T. Falls
Red Book 1912 - G.H.N. Wilson – Kyambu

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