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Death Date: 17 June 1916

First Date: 1904

Profession: Proprietor of Messrs D. Papadopulo & Co. makers of cigarettes and cigars from tobacco imported from Samoa. Business established in Samoa 31 years ago and in Mombasa in 1904.

Area: Mombasa

Book Reference: HBEA, Playne, Drumkey, Red 22, Gazette, Barnes, Red Book 1912, North

General Information:

Playne - He is also partner with his brother, Mr A. Papadopulo, in a coffee plantation of 170 acres at Kilimanjaro. On this 50000 coffee-trees are planted, and cotton and rubber will be tried. Mr A. Papadopulo runs the plantation and his brother manages the Mombasa business.
Drumkey 1909 - Directory of Residents - D. Papadopuloo - Tobacconist, Mombasa
Red 22 - C. Papadopoulos, Ndia Kuu, Mombasa
Gazette - 28/6/16 - Probate & Admin. - D.G. Papadopoulo who died at Mombasa 17/6/16
Barnes - Mombasa Cemetery - D. Papadopulo, died 17 Jun 1916, age 55, 68 Ndia Kuu
Red Book 1912 - D. Papadopulo - Mombasa

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