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Name: PLATTS, William Arthur Frank

Birth Date: 1882 Oxford

Death Date: 5 Nov 1954 Oxford

First Date: 1912

Profession: Asst DC

Area: HBEA 1912 ADC, Rabai, Kiambu, 1922 - Voi, 1925 Lamu

Married: In Oxford 7 Mar 1910 Madeleine Elizabeth de la Vie Given b. 11 June 1883 Gortin, Ireland, d. 20 Apr 1973 Yelverton, Devon

Children: Joyce Eileen (11 May 1913 Nairobi)

Book Reference: HBEA, Golf, Tignor, KAD, Red 25, Hut, Drumkey, Red 22, Kiambu Scrapbook, Nicholls, Foster, Witchmen, Leader14, Red Book 1912, Red 19

General Information:

Drumkey 1909 - ADC Ukamba, Machakos
Red 22 - President, Kiambu Sports Club
Kiambu Scrapbook - DC Kiambu - first President of The Kiambu Club
Foster - DC Voi 1913
Witchmen - Madeleine Laverne Platts, wife of W.A.F. Platts, First Assistant District Commissioner, Meru, wrote in 1912 - "Short (E.B.) Horne had laid out a nice little golf course. 500 local girls were paid to cut the grass by plucking it out with their finger. Next to the golf course stood a large, handsome log house, in which the door opened to reveal mud floors on which a large hat-stand stood gaunt and proud within a pool of water."
Red Book 1912 - W.A.F. Platts - Rabai - Seyidie Province - Asst. DC at Rabai
Tignor - 1922 - DC at Kiambu.
KAD 1922 - District and Resident Commissioner and Resident Magistrate, Voi
KAD 1922 has Mrs Platts, Ruiru.
President of Kiambu Golf Club 1922/23.

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