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Name: WOLSELEY-BOURNE, James Frederick MC (Capt.)

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Birth Date: 1878

Death Date: 4 Mar 1941 Westminster

First Date: 1912

Profession: KAR, Police, Deputy Commissioner

Area: 1912 Lumbwa, 1925 Mombasa, 1930 Nairobi

Book Reference: HBEA, Sitrep 6, Police, KAD, Red 25, Red 31, Hut, Red 12, Red 22, Web, Gazette, Dominion, SS, Leader14, A. Allen, Red Book 1912, Red 19

General Information:

Sitrep 6 - Africa General Service Medal 1902-56 - Jubaland 1917-18 - This bar was awarded to 5 & 1/6 KAR and No 1 Section 9 (Murree) Mountain Bty. for service under Lt. Col. W.E.H. Barratt (KAR), Maj. E.G.M. Porcelli (DCLI), Capts J.F. Wolseley-Bourne and O. Martin (KAR), in military operations - 1917/18 - against the Northern Aulihan tribe west of the Juba river, or north or east of a line Waregta - Lake Abeleni - Lorian Swamp - El Wak - Dolo.   
Police - When Commissioner Spicer left for Palestine, in June 1931, he became Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police and when Lumley retired he became Acting Commissioner of Police until the arrival in October of the new Commissioner R.C.A. Cavendish. Confirmed in the appointment as Deputy Commissioner of Police on Lumley's retirement.
Web - British Perspectives on Aulihan Somali Unrest in the East Africa Protectorate, 1915-18 by George L. Simpson Jr. - 1915 - Receiving anxious reports from the frontier, officials in Nairobi immediately rected by dispatching reinforcements to the north including 50 police under Captain J.F. Wolseley-Bourne. Nevertheless, one must seriously question the determination of the colonial administration when one considers the fact that Wolseley-Bourne was originally under orders to return to the south by the end of January 1916. ….. [much more]
Gazette - 26/8/1914 - Appt. - Captain J.F. Wolseley-Bourne, Staff Officer, Volunteer Forces, East Africa Regiment, to be Captain, (to be graded as an Adjutant), to date August 5th 1914
Dominion - Assistant Commissioner of Police - 1930
Soldier Settlement Scheme after WW1 - Class A - Capt. J.F. Wolseley-Bourne, MC, EA Police, Nairobi - Farm 1235
A. Allen - MC - "In connection with operations in the Wajheir area, Northern Frontier, East Africa Protectorate." - Kenya Gazette 2 Oct 1918
Red Book 1912 - Police Dept. - Assistant Superintendent
Red Book 1919 - Asst. Superintendent of Police
HBEA 1912 - Asst. Superintendent of Police, Lumbwa.
Police - ex SA Constabulary.
Police - Company Commander in the EA Police Service Battalion in 1914.
KAD 1922 - Superintendent of Police, Mombasa
Red Book 1912 - J.F.W. Bourne - Nairobi
Gazette - 6/2/1924 - Voters Register - Mombasa - James Frederick Wolseley Bourne, Superintendent of Police, Mombasa

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