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Name: WHISH, Cyril Beresford (Lieut. RNR)

Nee: cousin of Capt. John Kenneth Tulloch Whish

Birth Date: 3.3.1876 Montrose, Angus, Scotland

Death Date: 20.7.1914 Mengo, gangrene from crushed hand

First Date: 1910

Last Date: 1914

Profession: Chief Officer, Railway Marine

Area: Kisumu

Book Reference: HBEA, Hut, Curtis, Gazette, Colonial, Red Book 1912, North

General Information:

Curtis - p. 133 - 'Ten Years Later' - 1912 - ' ..... We reached Port Florence at 7 0'clock, and Mr Penny, the local agent of the BEA Corporation, came on the train to see us. After some delay the train goes right down to the quay and alongside the Clement Hill. She is a nicely fitted up boat of about 1000 tons, and we had a nice cabin. Captain Gray was in command of the ship and Mr Whish, a cousin of Capt. Whish, was 1st Officer.
Gazette - 29/7/14 - Obituary - Lieut. C.B. Whish RNR who died at Namirembe 20/7/14 of blood poisoning from an accident. He joined the service in 1910, became Chief Officer in 1911 and was thoroughly capable and conscientious
Gazette - 7/4/15 - Liable for Jury service, Kisumu - Uganda Marine, Kisumu
Colonial 1912 - Lake Steamers - Second Officer
Red Book 1912 - C.B. Whish - Kisumu
Gazette 1/3/1910 - Arrived on 1st Appointment - 2nd Officer, Lake S. Steamers - 10/2/1910

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