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Name: ALEXANDER, Gerald Arthur 'Gerry'

Birth Date: 12 Nov 1889 Melrose, Roxburgh, Scotland

Death Date: 22 June 1946 Nakuru Memorial hospital

First Date: 1910

Last Date: 1946

Profession: Bought land, farmed at Molo and was Master of the Molo Hounds for many years. A keen sportsman and good shot. Appears in Stephen Ellis Ledger in August 1910

Area: 1912 Farm 'Westerland', Molo

Married: In Nakuru 26 Aug 1925 Sheila Renee Markham Green, b. 1 Sep 1905 S. Africa, d. 21 May 1985 Dorset (in Kenya 1942 m. John Lewys Yeatman of Stock Gaylard, Dorset)

Children: Gerald Francis (11 Feb 1927 Nairobi-2 May 2002 Karen, Nairobi)

Book Reference: Gillett, SE, HBEA, Over my Shoulder, Golf, Markham, Joelson, Frampton, KAD, Red 25, Red 31, Hut, EA & Rhodesia, Year Book, Red 22, Land, Pioneers, Gazette, Racing, Burke, Medals, Leader14, Rift Valley, Barnes

General Information:

SE - G.A. Alexander - Westerlands, Molo - Aug 1910
Over my Shoulder - 'The Molo Hunt was firmly established when we arrived in 1931 with Gerry Alexander as its most enthusiastic first M.F.H. The hounds came originally from the Beaufort and the Buccleuch packs, and right from the beginning they settled down in Molo well, and gave great sport. Later, Walter Trench imported from Thady Ryan in Ireland some Scarteen Black and Tan bitches and a dog with the idea of hunting them with the existing hounds as one pack. This turned out to be unworkable, as the Black and Tans proved to be too fast for the English foxhound, and despite the glorious music that they brought to the Hunt, eventually they had to be put down.'
Golf - Helped with the Highlands Hotel Golf course in the early 30's  
Markham - After returning from England in 1924 Beryl Markham spent some time with Gerry - Cockie Birkbeck's cousin, and Master of the Molo Hounds, at his top class training establishment, Westerland Stables. His partner, John Drury, was a product of Hanover Military Academy.   
Frampton - Gerry Alexander kept a pack of hounds at Molo. Hunted twice a week ..... hunted reed buck officially.
Year Book - 1953 - The Molo Hunt may be said to be the senior hunt of the Colony and kennels some 25 couple of hounds. Hunting one day a week and an occasional bye-day, the Molo Hunt took 22 reedbuck during the season of 1952 and this is probably a record. The Master, Mr J.P. Ryan, whose uncle and cousin are Joint-Masters of the "Black and Tans" (Scarteen) in Tipperary, is a great hand at the game and was one time Master of the Ampleforth College Beagles. The present healthy state of the Molo Hunt is to a great extent due to Mr Ryan though his predecessors, Mr 'Gerry' Alexander and Mr E.P. Danby, have assuredly left their mark upon a pack which has, since its foundation in 1924, built up a tradition of its own.
Red 22 - G.A. Alexander, Molo
Land - 1911 - G.A. Alexander - Grazing and agricultural, 3585 acres (Farm No. 184) - Uasin Gishu - 9/6/10 - Under Occupation Licence for 5 to 99 years from 1/12/10 - Registered 19/5/11
Pioneers - Molo & Turi - The Molo Hunt started in 1922, with hounds from the Masara Hunt, which came to an end in that year. Hunting existed at Molo, however, many years earlier. Powys Cobb's hounds hunted the district for some seasons before and during the First World War. This pack consisted of half-bred bloodhounds, and their huntsman was Gerry Alexander, who was Master and Huntsman of the Molo Hunt from its start until 1944.
Gazette - 7/4/15 - Liable for Jury service, Molo - G.A. Alexander (British), Settler
Racing - Owner of 'Cam' by Camsiscan - Mrs Ippy - 1929
Racing - Owner of 'Rodosto' - 1929 - Winner of the Nakuru Breeders Plate in 1929
Racing - Owner of 'Tarzan' by 'Fred Dun' - Somali Mare - 1930
Racing - Owner of 'Tangerine IV' - Winner of the Kenya Grand National 1930, ridden by Mr G. Alexander
Medals - East Africa Veterinary Corps - Gerald A. Alexander, No. 5086, Private
Rift Valley - 21 Jun 1927 - 'I came in at 3 oc. After off loading the horses, and asked for 12 sandwages [sic] which the steward ordered but they said the kitchen was shut up so I got nothing for myself or Mr Bumpus?
Rift Valley - Member of the Rift Valley Sports Club - Jan 1929 - Elected - 1914 - G.A. Alexander
Gazette - 12/11/1919 - Register of Voters - Rift Valley Area - G.A. Alexander - Farmer - Molo and Mrs Alexander - Molo Barnes - St. Albans Church, Molo - Anne Alexander - born 30/1/1924 - died 2/11/1955
St. Albans Church, Molo cemetery - Gerald Arthur Alexander of Westerlands - died 22/6/1946 aged 58
Joelson - pioneer settler at Molo.
Hut - George - 1938 Horse Trainer Naivasha, m. Ann Padison
Gazette 17 Sep 1946 probate

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