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Name: KIDDLE, Walter Frederick (Lieut.)

Nee: son of Frederick Kiddle

Birth Date: 1.6.1906 Bombay

Death Date: 23.8.1933 Nairobi, died after attack by buffalo

Last Date: 1933

Profession: KAR

Area: Nairobi

Book Reference: Barnes

War Service: DCLI attached KAR

General Information:

Letter from Brigadier C.H. Stoneley - ….Pte. Ali Deria had previously served as orderly to an officer named Captain Kiddle, when 3 KAR was stationed in the Northern Frontier District. One evening Kiddle had gone from Meru to Isiolo to shoot guinea fowl, taking Ali Deria with him. Whilst following a flock of guinea fowl, a buffalo - which had previously been wounded - suddenly charged out of the bush towards Kiddle. Ali Deria promptly engaged the buffalo with his .303 service rifle, but only succeeded in diverting its attention on to himself after it had seriously wounded Kiddle. Ali Deria then dealt with the buffalo, and rendered what aid he could to Kiddle, who was still alive. He then set out on foot to get help from the nearest village, and eventually Kiddle was flown to Nairobi, where he died in hospital.
Kiddle's father - a retired Colonel - flew out from England as soon as possible, but arrived too late to see his son before he died. Greatly impressed by what he was told about Pte. Ali Deria's devotion to his son, Colonel Kiddle later sent out for him a very fine sterling silver watch - a "hunter" from the Goldsmiths & Silversmiths - with an inscription in the lid paying tribute to Pte. Ali Deria's gallantry.
Nairobi Forest Road Cemetery - Walter Frederick Kiddle, British, age 27, died 23/8/33

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