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Name: KIRTON, Walter 'Bullum' DCM (Major)

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Birth Date: 7 June 1866 Thirsk, Yorkshire

Death Date: 15 Mar 1937 Kiambu

First Date: 1920

Last Date: 1937

Profession: Engineer, war correspondent. Retired - Army. Coffee planter

Area: Kiambu, Kahuguni, Ruiru

Married: 1. In Johannesburg 1895 Isabella 'Belle' Ross b. 12 Oct 1863 Gairloch, d. 19 Nov 1903 Gairloch 2. In Salt Lake City 1906 Elizabeth J. 'Peggy' Darby b. 26 Feb 1866 Jackson, Missouri, d.1 Mar 1924, Paris (she was previously Mrs Vivian Allen Jones)

Children: None

Book Reference: Howarth, Golf, KAD, Red 25, Red 31, Hut, Bur, Red 22, Ruiru, Advertiser, SS, Barnes, Web

School: Sidcot School

General Information:

President of Ruiru Sports Club in 1927.
Advertiser - Friday April 2, 1909 - Government School Prizegiving - Drawing Prize 2 - Robert Kirton
Advertiser - Friday April 2, 1909 - Government School Prizegiving - Standard III Form Prize 3 - Stella Kirton
Soldier Settlement Scheme after WW1 - Class B - Major W. Kirton, DCM, 'Kia Lami', Gerrards Cross, Bucks - Farm 1024 - Representative, Lieut. W. Kirton, Nairobi
Barnes - St. Paul's Church, Kiambu Cemetery - Walter Kirton, who died 15 March 1937, aged 71, erected by the brethren of Lodge Donyo Sabuk.
Web - Capt Walter Kirton, a veteran of the Transvaal campaign and correspondent in the Far East for the Central News, a London newsgathering association...Capt. Kirton served throughout the campaign in South Africa and was a participant in numerous sharp engagements. He resigned from the army at the close of that war and joined the Central News. When the war between Japan and Russia threatened, {he} was chosen to organize the Central News war bureau in the Orient. He went out from London by way of the Transsiberian Railroad, leaving the English capital in December and completing the work of organizing a corps of correspondents in all the Oriental cities within 39 days from the time he started. (He) himself went to Tokyo and was one of the 15 correspondents given permission to join the Japanese Army.
He was with Jack London, The Times' correspondent at the front, and the two decided at the same time to return home. (He) was delayed two weeks in Tokyo, but passed through Seattle yesterday on his way to San Fran to see Mr. London...(lengthy interview)(He)will go from San Francisco to London. He is to write a book descriptive of war conditions and the country generally and will ask Jack London's recommendations on the American features of the book. He will also seek an American publisher.
3/31/1906 The marriage of Mrs. Vivian Jones and Captain Walter Kirton, war correspondent and special correspondent for the London Graphic, took place this morning in County Clerk Eldredge's private office. The ceremony was performed by Deputy Clerk David A. Smith. The only persons to witness the marriage was Frank E. McGurrin and Effie C. Butler. The couple left this afternoon for San Fran, where they will depart for China.
Philadelphia Enquirer 4/1/1906 ...Captain Walter Kirton has been a prospector, gold miner, engineer, guide, scout, hunter, seaman, correspondent, and a soldier…
Fort Worth Star-Telegram 6/9/1907 Full length pictures of both- her caption reads Mrs. Walter Kirton She accompanied her distinguished husband and was an object of great curiosity among the starving natives Story about famine in China
Considine - European School Nairobi - Robert Kirton - 1/2/1906 - Nbi
Gazette - 10/8/1921 - Register of Voters - Kikuyu Area - Major Walter Kirton - Coffee Planter, Kahuguni - Ruiru and Elizabeth Kirton - Kahuguni - Ruiru
Red 25 - Hon. Secretary & Treasurer, Ruiru Farmers' Association
Gazette 6 Dec 1938 Kiambu Voters Roll
Howarth Neighbour of the G.D. Howarths when they were at Ruiru in the 20's [as Curtin]

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