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Name: TALBOT, Roy Eric Vetter

Nee: bro of Henry Eugene Vetter, son of Frantz Carlos Vetter and Cecile Mary Talbot

Birth Date: 10 Nov 1890 Clifton, Bristol

Death Date: 24 Nov 1932 Nairobi

First Date: 1920

Last Date: 1932

Profession: Sisal farmer

Area: Box 603, Nairobi

Married: In Kensington, London 1915 Phyllis Morton Findley b. 1893 Grahamstown, S. Africa

Children: Diana Mary (Dennison) (25 Sep 1916 Marylebone-29 Dec 2008 Winchester); Patricia Anne (Mason) (Mar 1923 Nairobi-2014)

Book Reference: Golf, Red 31, Richard Talbot, KGF, Barnes

General Information:

Richard Talbot - possibly Kiddah Vetter Talbot, son of Cicely Talbot and Carlos Vetter
KGF - Alison Dennison - Roy Eric Vetter Talbot who was born in 1891 and was in Kenya sometime before 1915 as he married Phyllis Morton Findlay then. Parents shown as Cicely Mary and Carlos Vetter Talbot and that he had 3 siblings - Cecile Laura (b. 1885), Harry, and Beatrice Emma (b. 1888). Family folklore is that he was in the British Diplomatic corp in Kenya before his marriage when he became a sisal farmer at Thika.
Nairobi Forest Road Cemetery - Roy Eric Vetter Talbot, British, age 42, died 24/11/32
Noel Clark: Roy Eric Vetter (1890-1932) was the younger son of Carlos Vetter and Cecile Mary Talbot. He has not been located in the 1911 census but sometime between 2 October 1913 and his marriage in 1915 he changed his name to Roy Eric Vetter Talbot [REVT]. As Roy Eric Vetter on 2 October 1913 he passed a 'Limited Competition' examination and on 1 November 1913 was appointed a Student Interpreter in the British Consular Service for the Ottoman Dominions, Persia, Greece and Morocco. He was subsequently stationed at Tangier. He was pronoted to the rank of Consular Assistant on 11 August 1915, placed 'en disponibilité' (on leave) from March 1920 and finally resigned on 20 October 1920.
From available passenger lists it appears that although still employed by the Consular Service he, his wife and elder daughter went to East Africa on the 'Neuralia' from London on 1 May 1920 to settle.
Anecdotal family evidence is that REVT became a sisal farmer at Thika. Passenger lists describe him either as a 'Planter' or 'Farmer'. It would appear likely that he took over the family land at Thika, but no record has been found to confirm his presence at that place.
He was captain of the Nairobi Golf Club in 1928.
Passenger lists show that REVT and his wife and children made several visits to the UK and one around-the-world trip including Japan and Canada. The family employed a Miss Alice Helena Sampson as a nurse until 1933.
REVT died on 24 November 1932 in Nairobi and was buried the same day at Forest Road Cemetery. After his death his widow Phyllis continued to live in Nairobi; she is listed in both the 1964 and 1974 Kenya telephone directories as 'Talbot, Mrs P.M.' with the number Langata 363 but no address. In 1944 Phyllis and her daughter Diana bought land, originally part of M'Bogani Farm of Kenya luminary Karen Blixen from a Muriel Hickman. In 1979 Diana sold the land to the Society of Jesus (Jesuits)."
It seems likely that Phyllis Morton Findlay died sometime after 1978
Captain of Nairobi Golf Club in 1928.

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