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Name: WHEATLEY, Philip CB, CMG, DSO (Brig.-General)

Nee: son of Lt.-Col. William Frank Wheatley

Birth Date: 1871 Funchal, Madeira

Death Date: 10 Apr 1935 Nanyuki

First Date: 1919

Last Date: 1935

Profession: Farmer. Soldier settler after WW1 in Nanyuki district. Ox-waggon transporter Favoured the two wheeled cart pulled by 8 oxen which carried one ton anywhere with charges at 1/6 per ton mile.

Area: Erith Estate, Nanyuki, Hut - partner with Mackenzie, ox transport

Married: Unmarried

Book Reference: KFA, Foster, Joelson, Debrett, KAD, Red 25, Red 31, Hut, Red 22, DSO, Nicholls, SS, Paice's Place

War Service: RHA

School: Storrington, Sussex

General Information:

Foster - Brig.-Gen. Wheatley and Major Lionel Gascoigne had worked together as secretary and Steward of the Jubbulpore Polo and Race Club in India in 1909 and by 1923 had achieved the same at Nanyuki ........... he considered electricity on his farm but at £900 it was too expensive even for him to install.
Debrett - formerly Lieut.-Col. RHA (retired as Hon. Brig.-Gen. 1919); S. Africa 1899-1901 (Queen's medal with 7 clasps, despatches, Brevet Major), European War 1914-19 as a Brig.-Gen. (wounded, despatches, DSO, CB)  
Red 25 - President, Nanyuki Sports Club
Nicholls - General Philip Wheatley, a fiery former Indian army officer with a soldier-settler farm at Nanyuki …… Wheatley was told by a government official that they had got him as a marked man, and the intelligence department scrutinised his mail - 'I couldn't even order a dozen of whisky without the latter being considerably delayed, or even suppressed altogether, by some B.F. who in his muddled mind conceived that an order to enable me to alleviate my thirst conveyed some cryptic information which might possibly be subversive of law and order.' The highlands were divided into 27 mustering districts under 7 group leaders who reported to Wheatley, the Commander-in-Chief. In fact Wheatley was dangerously indiscreet, as was his colleague J.E. Coney at Kitale who said hostilities would begin in a fortnight, giving a 'wild and harmful distortion of the facts'.
Nicholls - Nanyuki - a race course and polo ground. The two sports facilities were built on 70 acres of ground 'commandeered' by Major-General Philip Wheatley, the soldier-settler in comand of the rebellion of 1922-23 against Indian immigration.
Soldier Settlement Scheme after WW1 - Class B - Brig.-Gen. P. Wheatley, CB, CMG, DSO, The Manor House, Little Gaddesden, Berkhamsted - Farm 831
Nanyuki Cemetery - Plot D5 - Brig.-General P. Wheatley - Philip Wheatley / C.B. C.M.G. D.S.O. / Brig General R.A. Retired / died 10th April 1935 / in affectionate memory
Paice's Place - Brigadier Generals seem to have made especially bad farmers. Philip Wheatley sank much of his capital into an utterly uneconomic fruit orchard, somehow imagining Nanyuki to be England. He sold out in 1924 and pursued a more successful career simply as a retired officer in the township.
Red 25 - Member, Kenya Land Settlement Advisory Board
Gazette - 26/9/1923 - Voters Register - Kenya Province - Brig.-General Philip Wheatley, Farmer PO Nanyuki
Gazette 14 May 1935 probate
KFA - Opened a butchery at Nanyuki with Mr Gascoigne

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