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Name: POPE-HENNESSY, Ladislaus Herbert Richard CB, DSO (Major-Gen.)

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Nee: eldest son of Sir John Pope-Hennessy KCMG, MP of Rostellan Castle, Co. Cork

Birth Date: 18.8.1875 London

Death Date: 1.3.1942 Hampstead, London

Nationality: British

First Date: 1899 as a Subaltern

Profession: KAR

Area: Kismayu

Married: In London 30 July 1910 Una Birch DBE b. 21 Apr 1875 Oundle, d. 16 Aug 1949 Kensington

Children: John Wyndham (13 Dec 1913 London-1994); Richard James Arthur (20 Nov 1916 Kensington-25 Jan 1974 London, manslaughter)

Book Reference: Cuckoo, Sitrep 6, Police, Moyse, Kenya Diary, Debrett, EAHB 1905, North, EA Diary 1903, Drumkey, EAHB 1906, EA Diary 1902, EAHB 1904, EAHB 1907, Web, Gazette

War Service: Oxfordshire Light Infantry attached 3 KAR

School: Beaumont Coll., Windsor and at RMC

General Information:

Sitrep 6 - Africa General Service Medal 1902-56 - East Africa 1905 - This clasp was awarded for two expeditions; the first under Major L.R.H. Pope-Hennessy, DSO (OXLI) to Sotik - 1905; the second under Capt. E.V. Jenkins DSO (DWR) to Kisii - 1905.
Police - 1905 - the 3rd KAR , commanded by Major L.R.H. Pope-Hennessy was despatched against the Sotik people and with the Force went a Police column under Asst. District Superintendent H. Rayne. The EA General Service Medal with a bar (Sotik, 1905) was issued to all those who took part in the Expedition.                                                     Moyse - 1906 - O.C. Troops, Uganda ........... 1905 - led a punitive expedition against the Sotik with Capt. C.L. Barlow.                       
Kenya Diary - 1906 - I heard Harrison and Gorges discussing Pope Hennessy. Gorges described him as a charlatan and Harrison does not trust him and despises him. Pope Hennessy is an exceedingly able man with much academic knowledge, but lacks both character and personality. His ambition dominates everything, and he is always thinking how this or that may affect his military career; he is rude to his subordinates and craven to his superiors; he is intellectually dishonest. He is certainly not my cup of tea.   
Debrett - entered Oxfordshire L.I. (now Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire L.I.) 1895, became Capt. 1902, Brevet major 1906, Major 1913, Brevet Lieut.-Col. 1918, Lieut.-Col. and Brevet Col. 1919, and Col. 1920 (h.p. 1926); W. African Hinterland Expedition 1897-8 (medal with clasp), Jubaland Expedition 1901 (medal with clasp), Somaliland 1903 (despatches, clasp), Sotik Expedition 1905 (despatches, clasp, DSO), Nandi Expedition 1905-6 (despatches, clasp, Brevet Major), Somaliland 1908-9 (despatches, clasp), European War 1915-18 in France and Mesopotamia (despatches thrice, Brevets Lieut.-Col. and Col.); was Brig.-Maj. an Inf. Brig., Territorial Force 1912-14, and Brig.-Gen. Gen. Staff 1917-19; appointed AA and QMG, Min. Inter Allied Commn. of Control, Berlin 1924, and Mils Attaché at Washington 1927; has Legion of Honour.
EAHB 1905 - 3rd KAR, Kismayu. Acting Sub-Commissioner, Jubaland
DSO - London Gazette 13/3/08 - For services during minor operations in East Africa 1902-6 ….. {lots more on his military career}
North - Invalided to UK by Medical Board at Berbera 7-8-1903; returned to EA 30-12-1903; resident at Kismayu 31-12-1904; Leader of the Sotik Punitive Force, dep. Kericho for Sotik 7-6-1905; returned to Kericho 12-7-1905; 'Lacks both character and personality …. his ambition dominates everything ….. he is intellectually dishonest and his constitution is undermined by excessive sex' (Meinertzhagen, RH)
EA Diary 1902 - Lieut. - The East Africa Rifles - 1901
EAHB 1907 - Transferred to Command 4th KAR in 1906
Gazette 1/5/1906 - Appointed to command 4th Battalion KAR from 13/1/1906 with local rank of Lieut.-Col.
Cuckoo - 1904 - 2nd in command of 3 KAR in Nairobi. Chief Staff Officer to Col. Gough   VC.
Moyse - Oxfordshire Light Inf. - 1901 - at Gobwen, Jubaland, during the rainy season in command of the Camel Corps Company - camels dying

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