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Name: TULLOCH, Guy Stewart Turnbull

Birth Date: 9.5.1885 Lehra, West Bengal

Death Date: 22.2.1908 Molo, murdered by his African cook

First Date: 1904

Profession: Had been an Inspector of Police at one time and, in 1908, was engaged on a wood-fuel cutting contract for the Uganda Railway at Molo. Asst. Surveyor, Survey and Land Office, Nairobi

Area: Molo, Nairobi, 1908 Nakuru

Book Reference: Cuckoo, Police, EAHB 1906, North, Gazette, EAHB 1905, Hut, Drumkey, Land, EAHB 1907

General Information:

He was shot to death when asleep by his Swahili cook.
Cuckoo - Tulloch was rather a wild youngster, who came from India where his father was a Colonel in the Army. The murderer used Tulloch's own rifle, shooting him at night through the wall of the grass hut in which he slept. The cook's wife was the cause of the trouble. The murderer claimed that Tulloch seduced his wife.     
Police - Appointed an Inspector in BEA Police in 1904. Tulloch came to EA from India, his father being a Colonel in the Indian Army Medical Service. He proved too young, flighty, irresponsible and incapable of measuring up to the high standards demanded of officers of the Force. After a few months he was discharged. Not long afterwards, when carrying out a fuel cutting contract at Molo for the Uganda Railway, his African cook shot him dead as he slept on a camp bed in his tent. A description of the murderer was telegraphed to the Police at Kisumu and the wanted man arrested that afternoon at Kibos when on a goods-train travelling to Kisumu.
EAHB 1906 - Police Inspector
North - Guy Stewart Turnbull Tulloch - Appt. Asst. Surveyor, Nairobi 1/4/1904; witness at the Max Wehner murder trial, Nairobi 8/5/1905; Firearm registered at Nairobi April-June 1905; Bird Licence Ukamba Dist. July-Sept 1905; resigned 7/7/1905; at Mombasa 5/8/1905; 1906 Nairobi
Gazette 1/4/1908 Letters of Administration in the estate of the late G. Tulloch of Molo deceased, who died at Molo on 22/2/1908
Land - 1906 - Guy Tulloch - Building, 3.71 acres, Nairobi Hill, Registered 29-11-06
EAHB 1906 - G.S.T. Tulloch - Nairobi
EAHB 1907 - G. Tulloch - Nakuru
In India Select Births and Baptisms he is spelt Tullock

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