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Name: TURK, Robert

Nationality: British

First Date: 1886

Profession: Railway Police

Area: Hut 1901 - Railway Police, Fort Ternan

Book Reference: Best, Hut, North

General Information:

Best - Turk's diary - "We went through that place with a comb, tent to tent, rousing out the whores, I never saw such a harem of whores - from coffee to black as coal and done up to the nines ..... The Indos got mad when they saw their tickly going and some of them got rough and we had to clobber a few. We leave them the muck, some 80 or 90 first class Coast and Masai whores, and we take Nandi girls and some Lumbwa and Wa-kamasie and a whole lot of little boys and girls the Indos had been at, it made you cry to see them".
North - IBEA Co., Uganda Railway - Sailmaker from Cornwall; worked for IBEA Co. as caravan leader; joined Uganda Railway Aug. 1896 (aged approx. 31)
Joan Considine - reckoned to be a fictitious character - see Hardy - 'The Iron Snake'
Best - Sent to Fort Ternan to clean up the place. Railway camp was a pit of obscenity in which local women and children were nightly subjected to the most revolting and unpleasant humiliations.

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