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Name: ARMOUR, Robert Roland Crawford 'Roly'

Nee: nephew of Capt. W.A.C. Hughes - 'Black' Hughes

Birth Date: 4 Apr 1906 Newcastle upon Tyne

Death Date: 22 Apr 1995 Aldeburgh

Profession: Telegraph clerk. Went out to Kenya as a young man in the early 30's to work for the telegraph company

Area: Thomson's Falls, 1942 Kenegut Sotik

Married: 1. In St Austell 1938 Adelaide Jane Lugard or Bishell d. 20 Apr 1947 Kisumu; 2. In Marylebone 3 Nov 1948 Elizabeth Rosemary Gaynor b. 1 May 1912 Redhill, d. 31 Mar 1905 Ipswich

Children: son (27 Nov 1949 Nakuru); Daphne Georgina Adelaide (Marchioness Conyngham) (22 Dec 1951 Kisumu-1986)

Book Reference: Passions, Hut, Foster

School: Haileybury

General Information:

Passions - An uncle of his, Captain W.A.C. Hughes, was already farming there, and this irascible man was unconventional enough to be living quite openly with a Kikuyu woman, earning himself the nickname 'Black' Hughes. The meeting place for the local settler community was Barry's Hotel at Thomson's Falls. As Armour recounts: 'I do remember one episode there. He picked a row with a neighbour in the bar, and it got so hot that they came to blows and they went outside to the yard to sort it out between them. Barry rang the police and the European policeman came with a couple of black askaris to break it up. I remember one of the  policemen coming back into the bar afterwards holding up a funny looking thing. He didn't know what it was, but it was hairy. And he said to Barry, 'What sort of animal is this?' And of course it was my uncle's toupee. It had come off in the scuffle. It was a new one I'd brought out for him from England. He was as bald as a coot apart from that.'
Hut has Roly C. Armour (d. 1995) 1932-38 Kibwezi Sisal Est. married to 1. Daphne 2. Rosemary
Gazette 23 Sep 1947 1st wife's probate

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