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Name: ROBERTS, Bobby

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Death Date: In grass fire attempting to save sister-in-law

First Date: 1922

Profession: Manager of Lord Delamere's ranch - Soysambu.

Area: Naivasha, Gilgil

Married: Vere

Book Reference: Nellie, Frampton, Hut

General Information:

Nellie - 'a jovial and hospitable man, was following the Delamere custom of inviting in, after the evening meal, as many of his Masai herdsmen as wished to come. They stacked their spears on the veranda and sat on the floor in their short ochre-dyed cloaks, their greased and plaited ringlets hanging down, their mutton-fat-annointed skins shining like copper in the lamplight, and talked of their beloved cattle, the warp and weft of their lives. Not long after our visit, Bobby Roberts met with a tragic end. One of those swift and sudden grass fires that, in the dry weather, sweep across the plains trapped his wife and sister-in-law. He went to their rescue and saved the sister-in-law, but he and his wife were burnt to death.
Frampton - Bobby and Vere Roberts from Gilgil. Bobby a friend of author's mother from the Argentine. Bobby was one of the relics from the Happy Valley days. At this time he farmed near 'Clouds' ....... A few years later Bobby was burned to death. At the height of the dry weather he organised a 'controlled grass fire' ........ his sister-in-law, on a visit from England was overcome by smoke and fell into the fire. Bobby gallantly went to her rescue and both were burnt to death.
Is this F.S. Roberts?

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