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Name: TROWELL, Hubert Carey OBE (Dr.)

Birth Date: 8 Aug 1904 Bexley, Kent

Death Date: 23 July 1989 Salisbury, Wilts.

First Date: 1929

Profession: 1940 Consultant at Kampala Hospital.

Area: Kampala, 1930 Machakos

Married: In Ealing 21 Aug 1929 Kathleen Margaret 'Peggy' Sifton, art teacher at Makerere b. 26 Feb 1904 Ealing, d. 5 Apr 1985 Salisbury, Wilts.

Children: Elizabeth (1930); Margaret (1932); William J. (1934); Jennifer M. (1940)

Book Reference: Nellie, Red 31, Hut, Colonial, EA & Rhodesia, Dominion, Uganda Staff, Beck

School: Reigate Grammar School, St. Thomas' Hospital & medical School, MB, BS, MD, MRCP

General Information:

East Africa & Rhodesia - 7/1/54 - Dr. Hubert Carey Trowell, since 1945 specialist physician Uganda Medical Dept. Joined Colonial Medical Service in Kenya in 1929, transferring to Uganda 6 years later. Since 1935 lecturer in medicine at Makerere College. Member of the advisory committee on European education since 1948. Served on the African efficiency survey on railways in Kenya and Uganda, 1946. Writer on tropical medicine.
Dominion - Medical Officer - 1930
Uganda Staff 1938 - Medical Officer, Mulago, appointed 1935
Colonial - MO Kenya 1929; Uganda 1935; Specialist Physician 1945; Senior Specialist 1954
Gazette - 5/11/1929 - Arrived on 1st Appointment - Medical Officer - Dr H.C. Trowell
Wikipedia Based on his medical work in Kenya and Uganda (1929-1958), he identified a condition known as protein–energy malnutrition.[1] From 1935 until his retirement in 1959, he worked as a consultant physician and paediatrician at Mulago Hospital and Medical School in Kampala, Uganda.
Trowell was internationally acknowledged as an authority on Kwashiorkor. He was the first to discover that serum albumin concentration in children with kwashiorkor was below normal which was used to support the hypothesis that a protein deficient diet was responsible for the condition.
With his colleague Denis P. Burkitt, Trowell was influential in promoting dietary fiber.[3] He developed the fiber hypothesis in a series of books and papers with Burkitt in the 1970s and 80s. Their research showed that diets low in fiber increase the risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes, obesity and large bowel conditions such as colorectal cancer, appendicitis and diverticulosis.[3] The British Medical Journal describes Trowell as "probably the first person to link diets deficient in fibre with obesity, diabetes and coronary heart disease."  
After his retirement from medicine, he became an ordained minister in the Anglican ministry.
Long entry in Munk's Roll
Career: Casualty Officer and House Phys., St. Thomas’ Hospital; House Phys. Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading (1928-29); MO Kenya (1929-35); MO Uganda (1935- 45); Specialist Physician Uganda (1945-54); Senior Specialist Uganda (1954-60); parish priest and hospital chaplain, Wiltshire (1960-69); Research UK (1969-1989);

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