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Name: RYAN, Christopher Anthony 'Tony'

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Birth Date: 10 Dec 1900 Tipperary

Death Date: 1969 Kenya

First Date: 1931

Last Date: 1969

Profession: Was a rubber planter in Malaya. Went to EA originally to work for Walter Trench

Area: Molo 'Garryowen'

Married: 1931 Molly Ivers Bartley b. 1901 Broken Hill, Australia, d. 1993

Children: Thadeus 'Thaddy' (1932- 2015) who married Lavinia, Bunny Allen's daughter; Terence 'Terry' (1934)

Book Reference: Over my Shoulder, Sitrep 2, Stud, Thady Ryan

General Information:

Six feet 7 inches tall.
Over my Shoulder - Tony's family and the Trench family had been friends for generations in Ireland (Tipperary) .............. ['Garryowen' their farm at Molo] - B.F. Webb had fought in the German EA Campaign and had been in charge of the mule trains that were the main supply lines from Kenya to the war sector in Tanganyika. The loot that returned from the battle front as 'condemned horse fodder' was featured all over the house [at Garryowen, Molo later owned by Tony and Molly Ryan]. All the doors were of magnificent German oak, heavy and solid. Many of the windows were salvaged from the wreck of the German warship 'Konigsberg'. There were 3 round scuttles, one of which we afterwards presented to the National Museum and, as well, there were heavy plate glass windows that had obviously withstood the mighty seas and cyclonic storms that ravaged and slashed them during many an ocean patrol.
EA Stud Book 1954 - Sheep - Corriedales - M.I. & C.A. Ryan, Garryowen, Molo
One of the original '500' men in the Kenya Regt. in 1937. (KR 267). No birthdate in KR records

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