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Name: ROSINGER, Zoltan (Dr.)

First Date: 1930s

Profession: Originally came to be Medical Officer to a mining company in Kakamega during the gold rush. In 1952 a new Govt. hospital at Malindi was completed and he became district surgeon

Area: Kakamega, Malindi, Hut - Macalder Mines Lolgorien

Married: Joanna

Book Reference: Over my Shoulder, Malindi, Hut, Campling, Gazette

School: trained fro MD in Vienna

General Information:

Over my Shoulder - A much loved and revered figure still in Malindi today [1987], Dr Rozinger, has often told us the drama of those early days in Kakamega itself, as he and his wife, Joanna, knew it. They had come out from Vienna to the minefields in Kenya where he had been given a contract with a mining company as Medical Officer. Their story carried all the same quality of drama and vivid boiling excitement about which I had so often read of the gold rush days in Bendigo and Kalgoorlie in Australia.
Box 260, Malindi - Gazette 26 Jan 1960

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