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Name: WHITE, Alexander L. 'Alec'

First Date: 1907

Profession: Engaged to be manager of Unga Ltd. - 1909. His family had been millers for 300 years in Scotland, and his father had a big Glasgow mill.

Area: Nairobi

Book Reference: KFA, Advertiser, Playne, SE, HBEA

General Information:

Advertiser -18/9/1908 - Mr Alex White leaves for home at end of this month to bring out a fully equipped milling plant.
Advertiser - 2/4/1909 - Advert - Wheat, Wheat, Wheat - Unga Ltd. - Alexr. L. White, Manager
SE - A.L. White - Mar 1908
Playne - Manager of Unga Ltd.'s flour mill. A certificated miller since 1904, came to BEA in 1907 from Scotland and seeing the prospects of wheat and milling in EA, approached Lord Delamere with the idea of forming a company.

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