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Name: ROOKEN-SMITH, James Alexander 'Uncle Lex'

Nee: son of William Alexander Rooken Smith and Janet Peebles

Birth Date: 28.10.1908 East London, S. Africa

Death Date: 07.1975 Salisbury, Rhodesia

First Date: 1914 from South Africa

Profession: Farmer

Area: Nanyuki

Married: At Tarkastad 14.3.1932 Rose Jean Mary Schooling b.12.4.1905 Waverley, nr Tarkastad, d. 02.1967 Salisbury, Rhodesia

Children: William Brien (Rooken-Smith) (4.1.1933 Nakuru)

Book Reference: KFA, Seventy, Joelson, Rundgren, Stoneham Wanderings, Red 25, Red 31, RS, Baptism

School: Dale College; St Andrew's College, Grahamstown

General Information:

KFA - He imported from England a large purebred Shorthorn bull called Rufus who became the hero of an incident that can surely never have been paralleled in the story of pedigree stock. .... (story pp. 41/42) . Fight with a lion and the bull killed it!  Rundgren - ....... a seasoned old settler known to everybody as Uncle Lex  
Stoneham Wanderings - ..... Guasso Nyiro river ........ Beyond the river was a farm belonging to a friend of ours, an old Cape Colonial named Lex Smith. He had found malaria there, which caused him to abandon the farm, but he still had some stock on the place herded by natives. I once crossed the Guasso Nyiro with Lex and his waggons. I should think he is as good a man with an ox-waggon as ever came out of SA ......... (more)
RS - Lex was born Smith but unofficially adopted the surname Rooken-Smith. He farmed briefly at Laikipia but returned to S Africa when Jean became ill. They moved to S Rhodesia where Brien started work for the Rhodesia Govt. in Internal Affairs. After UDI he was for three years Principal Private Secretary to Ian Smith the then Prime Minister of Rhodesia. Lex had lived with Harold and Marge Rooken-Smith at 'Greenfels' at Lalapanzi near Gwelo in the Midlands of Rhodesia from 1968 to 1973 when he left the farm to work at Prince Edward Boys' High School in Salisbury where he died of a sudden heart attack. Lex went to Dale College in King Williams Town and the St. Andrew's College in Grahamstown.
KFA - A pioneer in building up a herd of cattle. Arrived from SA in 1914 with his capital, 75 golden sovereigns, stitched into his belt.
KAD 1922 - Rex Smith, Committee Member, Nanyuki Farmers' Association

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