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Name: TUCKER, William Kington CBE, TD (Lieut.-Col.)

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Photo Source: Kenya Observer 28 Apr 1923

Birth Date: 23.7.1877 Calne, Wiltshire

Death Date: 4.10.1956 Harrow

First Date: 1919

Last Date: 1939

Profession: Managing director

Area: Nairobi, Limuru, 1925 Uplands, 1930 Box 486, Nairobi

Married: 1. In Lambeth 5.12.1906 Aimee Tucker Corderoy b. 1877 Brixton, d. 19.6.1945 Hendon; 2. In Durban 12 Mar 1934 Mildred C. 'Joan' Lavers b. 11 Aug 1904, d. 1974 Northampton

Children: Lucy Marguerite (23.9.1907 Calne-1991); Edith Grace (19.6.1909 Calne-1988); Irene Kington (17.1.1913 Calne-1991)

Book Reference: KFA, Permanent Way, Debrett, Golf, KAD, Red 25, Red 31, Hut, Macmillan, EA & Rhodesia, Red 22, Ruiru, Rift Valley, Richardson

War Service: Lieut.-Col. RASC

General Information:

Debrett 1928 - Managing Director EA Estates Ltd. and Ass. Cos. Kenya Representative on Colonial Railway Council. OBE - 1918, CBE (Mil) - 1919. President of Muthaiga GC in 1935/36
KAD 1922 - Director of B.E.A. Farmers' Association Ltd.
KAD 1922 - Committee Member, Limuru Farmers' Association
Red 25 - Vice-President, Agricultural and Horticultural Society of Kenya
Macmillan - 1930 - Managing Director in Kenya of East African Estates Ltd, Managing Agents for The Central Coffee (Nairobi) Estates Ltd., The British Colonial Provision Company Ltd., Joint Managing Agents for Evans Brothers (Kenya) Ltd.
East Africa & Rhodesia - 11/10/56 - Lieut.-Colonel William Kington Tucker, CBE, TD, managing director of East African Estates Ltd., who has died in this country at the age of 79, joined the 4th Bn. of the Wiltshire Regiment in 1900. Eight years later he became manager and secretary of C. & J. Harris & Co. Ltd. From 1915 to 1919 he served in the Supplies branch of the War Office and went to Kenya in the latter year as managing director of East African Estates Ltd., and its associated companies, which included Uplands Bacon Factory. He held the Territorial Decoration for 20 years commissioned service with Wiltshire Regiment and the RASC winning a CBE (Military) in the first World War, as well as the Belgian Ordre de la Coronne (officer class). During his 30 years in Kenya he held numerous appointments on public bodies, including a directorship of the KFA and of the Kenya Grain Mills. Among his other public services were membership of the Customs Tariff Commission, the Railway Advisory Council, the Port Commission of Inquiry, the Agricultural Commission, the Food Control Board, the Land Advisory Board, and the Board of Agriculture. On several occasions and sometimes for long periods he deputized for members of the Legislative Council, and was a temporary member of the Executive Council in 1931. On returning to this country in 1939 he became a member of the executive council of the Joint East and Central African Board, a post which he held until his death, and was vice-chairman 1943-47. He was also a prominent Freemason. Colonel Tucker leaves a widow and three daughters.
Red 22 - Justice of the Peace - Escarpment (Uplands)
Red 22 - Executive, Convention of Associations
Red 22 - Director, BEA Farmers' Association Ltd.
Red 22 - Vice-President, Limuru Farmers' Association
Rift Valley - Member of the Rift Valley Sports Club - Jan 1929 - Elected - 21 Aug 1919 - Lt.-Col. W.H. Tucker [sic] Gazette - 29/10/1919 - Register of Voters - Kikuyu - William Kington Tucker - General Manager - Uplands
KFA - Delegate to the Maize Conference of 1923 [photo]. In charge of Uplands bacon factory - took over from Mr Grant. Became Managing Director in 1919 coming from Calne, in Wiltshire with A.C. Heath and F.J. Bicknell.
Red 25 - JP, Kiambu & Naivasha
Gazette - Voters List 1936 - William Kington Tucker, Company Director, PO Nbi.
1939 England and Wales Register living in Marylebone with Mildred, as Managing Director Land Companies

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