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Name: PAIN, George Maurice

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Birth Date: 14.12.1908 Edmonton, Middlesex

Death Date: 9 Mar 1962 Nakuru

First Date: 1935

Profession: Chartered accountatnt

Area: Tanganyika, Njoro

Married: Caroline Phyllis b. 27.5.1908

Children: Barbara Hilary b. 1943; Diana Mervyn (1944)

Book Reference: KFA, Hut, EA & Rhodesia

General Information:

KFA - A Londoner who had come first to EA as accountant to the Geita Gold Mining Co. in Tanganyika. Here he had a meteoric career, rising in less than 10 years to become director and business manager. After his time in Tanganyika, consideration for a young family led him to accept a lesser post in a healthier climate, and in 1948 he became secretary to the Industrial Management Board. Took over as Col. Griffith's assistant at the KFA and, after Col. Griffith's death took over as managing director.
EA & Rhodesia - 2/10/58 - Mr G. Maurice Pain, for the past nine years managing director of the Kenya Farmers' Association, one of the largest businesses in all East Africa, will start practice as a business consultant when he returns to the Colony this week after a quick business visit to London with Mrs Pain, who was a trained nursing sister. They went back by sea from Venice. Mr Pain, a London-born chartered accountant, first went to East Africa in 1935. Eleven years later he became secretary of the Geita Gold Mining Co. Ltd.; soon afterwards he was made business manager, and then director, of that company and its associated enterprises, and in 1947-48 he was elected chairman of the Tanganyika Mining Association. Then he went to Nairobi to take up the secretaryship of the East African Industrial Management Board, and not long afterwards was made managing director of its successor, East African Industries Ltd.
He became managing director of the KFA in 1950, and in 1955 the Tanganyika Farmers' Association was formed as an associated co-operative company. Mr Pain is a member of the Industrial Development Corporation of Kenya, and for the past five years he has been chairman of the board of management of Nakuru War Memorial Hospital, the first in East Africa to establish an insurance scheme covering the families of subscribers against the risks of illness, including the costs of operations. He has just been elected chairman of Nakuru Race Club, two of his keen interests being horse-breeding on his Njoro farm and racing. There can be few farmers or business men in Kenya who have not known Mr Pain in one capacity or another. As a consultant he intends to limit his services to about half a dozen non-competing businesses.
Gazette 29 May 1962 probate

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