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Name: WEAVER, James Vaughan

Birth Date: 1862 Teesdale, Durham, bapt. 7 Feb

Death Date: 1 May 1900 Kismayu

First Date: 1891

Last Date: 1900

Profession: Light railway buildre, Admin. DO

Area: Malindi, Kismayu

Book Reference: Permanent Way, EAHB 1905, North, IBEA, F. McCartney, EAHB 1906, EAHB 1904

General Information:

North - Employed building IBEA Co.'s light railway to Mazeras Jan 1891; dep. Mombasa for Malindi 15/7/1891; engaged in building road between Malindi & Jilore returned to Mombasa ill Jan 1893; appt. direct to EAP 1/7/1895 Asst. Collector Malindi; Collector EAP; home leave 1897; Collector at Malindi June & Dec 1899, Jan 1900; dep. Mombasa for Kismayu 14/2/1900; temp. transferred to Jubaland; d. 1/5/1900
IBEA Co. - Nominal List of British Born Subjects resident in IBEA Territories within the Sultan's Domain, 30 April 1891 - J.V. Weaver, England, Railway works
Fergus McCartney - photo of grave - "District Officer in the service of the East Africa Protectorate"
P.W. - 1892 - Working for the Company on construction of the light railway from Mombasa.
EAHB 1905 - IBEA Co. General Africa Staff - appointed January 1891 - served in EA as Collector - died prior to 1905
Gazette - 15-5-1900 - The death at Kismayu on the first instant of Mr James Weaver, Collector and District Officer in the East Africa Protectorate is announced with great regret.
The deceased officer was originally employed by the Imperial British East Africa Company and in 1896 obtained an appointment in the Protectorate service. His work has always been of the most valuable description and he possessed in the highest degree all the qualities which characterize an able and successful administrator. As a Magistrate he was eminently conscientious and his judgments were always most careful and accurate. He showed special ability and tact in dealing with natives and understood fully the requirements of any district to which he might be posted. He had for long been in weak health and was in consequence unable to shake off the attack of fever which was the immediate cause of his death.
Mombasa Cathedral plaque: sacred to the memory of / James Vaughan Weaver / District Officer in the service / of the East Africa Protectorate / who died at Kismayu on the / 1st day of May 1900 aged 33 years this tablet is erected as a tribute / of respect by his fellow officers

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