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Name: ZSCHATZSCH, Carl Georg

Nationality: German

First Date: 1890

Last Date: 1894

Profession: 1893 - Left in charge of Usoga, Uganda, by Sir Gerald Portal in 1893

Area: Uganda, Witu, Wakoli's, Luba's

Book Reference: Permanent Way, North

General Information:

North - working for K. Toeppen at Witu Jan 1890; with IBEA Co. in charge of Company station at Wakoli's, Uganda 8/3/1893; Appt. by Sir G. Portal to UP; in Busoga with 50 Zanzibari troops 29/5/1893; moved to Luba's 16/6/1893; end of appt. 31/12/1893, to be paid up to arrival at coast, due to dep. Uganda for Mombasa with caravan 18/1/1894; arr. Zanzibar from Mombasa 3/4/1894

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