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Name: RODD, James Rennell GCB, GCMG, GCVO, Sir

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Birth Date: 9.11.1858 London

Death Date: 26.7.1941 Shanley Green, Surrey

Nationality: British

First Date: 1892

Profession: Acting Commissioner at Zanzibar 1893

Area: Zanzibar

Married: In London 27 Oct 1894 Lilias Georgina Guthrie b. Oct 1864, d. 20 Sep 1951

Children: Francis James Rennell (1895-1978); Peter Murray Rennell (1904-1968); Gustaf Guthrie Rennell (1905-1974); Evelyn Violet Elizabeth (1899-1980); Gloria Ellinor (1901-1975)

Author: 'Social & Diplomatic Memories 1884-95' 1922

Book Reference: Permanent Way, Debrett, North

School: Haileybury and Balliol College, Oxford

General Information:

Debrett - entered Diplomatic Service 1883, became 3rd Sec. at Berlin 1885, a 2nd Sec. 1888, and Sec. 1898; was 2nd Sec. at Athens 1888-91, at Rome 1891-2, at Paris 1892-4, and Sec. Councillor to Embassy at Rome 1901-4, Envoy Extror. and Min. Plen. to Stockholm 1904-8, and Ambassador Extraor. and Plen. to Italy 1908-19; acted as Agent and Consul.-Gen. at Zanzibar Jan. to Oct. 1893, and served with second Witu Expedition; went on a Special Mission to King Menelik of Abyssinia 1897 (2nd class Star of Ethiopia, Com. of the Osmanieh, CB); appointed a Member of International Exhibitions Roy. Commn. 1909, and an Hon. Member of Academy of St. Luke, Rome 1910 etc. Etc.
North - Appt. Acting Consul-General Zanzibar when Sir Gerald Portal went to Uganda Jan 1893; accompanied military operation to Witu Aug 1893;

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