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Name: NAPIER, Florence Martha, Lady

Nee: dau of Gen John Maxwell Perceval

Birth Date: 1868 Ilfracombe

Death Date: 1 Dec 1946 Nairobi

Profession: Farmer

Area: Nairobi, 'Ibonia' Kiambu

Married: In London 11 July 1900 Hon. Edward Herbert Scott Napier - later 4th Baron Napier of Magdala

Children: Robert John (1904-1987); Marion Kathleen (1901-1986); Evelyn Rose (1902-1952); Ermine Maude (1907-1995)

Book Reference: Oscar, Debrett, Curtis, Burke, SS

General Information:

Curtis - p. 65 - 'Laikipia Via Gilgil (2)' by The Hon. Mrs K. Armstrong - 'My mother was entitled to put her name down for a Soldier Settler farm as she was a VAD. She was lucky as she drew a 5000 acre farm on the Ngobit river half way between Nyeri and Thomson's Falls. The cheapest way to get there was to take the train to Gilgil and then walk with porters. In 1922 I went with my father with 3 of our farm labourers as porters carrying our bedding rolls and our food. .......... [more - night spent in a tree to avoid a lion] .......….
That evening we got to the top of the lowest hump of the Aberdares on the Rumuruti side. We arrived at a Colonel Arbuthnot's farm and asked if he would kindly put us up, which he did. Next day we got to the Sharpe's farm about midday. Their farm was next door to Mother's. Having explored Mother's land and found it was a grazing farm and ran down to the Ngobit river we returned home. ......…
Soldier Settlement Scheme after WW1 - Class B - Mrs F.M. Napier, c/o The Dowager Lady Napier of Magdala, Hampton Court Palace, Kingston-upon-Thames - Farm 1015 - Representative, Hon E.H.S. Napier, c/o National Bank of India, Nairobi
Staying in Olga Watkins' old house (Oscar pp. 164) Oscar Watkins walked into her bedroom by mistake thinking Olga was there.

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