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Name: ALLEN, Kenneth

First Date: 1896

Profession: AIM Missionary. Died at roughly the same time as Peter Scott.

Book Reference: Watt, Tignor

General Information:

Watt - 'we welcomed to Akamba some Missionaries from the United States, who settled down on the south-eastern boundary of the country. The leader of the band was Mr Peter Scott. Unfortunately the district in which he built his station was rather unhealthy and the natives thinly scattered. We gave to Mr Scott a hearty invitation to come further inland, near to our district, where the population was more dense and the climate less trying. The result was that he commenced work within a day's march of our Mission Station. His constitution had been already much weakened, and very soon he and another Missionary, named Allen, were smitten with fever, and passed away to their reward, and, sad to say, the Mission ultimately declined.'
Tignor - his harsh administration of Githumu was criticised by Hilda Stumpf

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