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Name: RUBEN, Montague Charles 'Monty'

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Nee: son of Edward Ruben

Birth Date: July 1925

Profession: Transport agent, company director

Area: 1959 Kabete

Married: In Marylebone 1949 Hilary Pearl Gold - spiritual and living in a world of her own

Book Reference: Gallmann, Jay, Hut

General Information:

Gallmann - Hilary loved beauty and culture, poetry and mysticism, music and nature. She combined this with compassion and caring for others.   
Jay - Monty Ruben became a good and efficient friend of mine. He also knew everyone and anyone in Nairobi and was a man of great talent. He had experience with film personnel and was able to cope with their many odd requests and errors with a calmness only the very experienced acquire after many years. I noticed he was qualified in many things by the degrees he had hanging in his office. He once told me his father started the family transport business by pushing a wheelbarrow through the streets of Nairobi. He was proud of his father and rightly so.
Montague Charles - KR 3181. No birthdate in KR records.
Gallmann - A zoologist, with a passion for photography, medicine and gadgets. There was a strong base of loyalty and generosity in Monty, a sensitivity and a deep love for the country.
Director of Born Free Foundation 21 July 1998-3 June 2008

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