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Name: FENTUM, Clarence George 'Jack'

Birth Date: 19.6.1896 Edmonton, Middlesex

Death Date: 30.7.1988 South Africa

First Date: 1926

Profession: Inspector, Kenya Police, having joined as a European Police Constable. Court Prosecutor in Nairobi, Later he left the Police and became a Resident Magistrate. Inspector, Kenya Police in 1939, appointed 1938. Originally Constable 1926.

Area: Nairobi 1939, 1930 Kampi-Ya-Moto

Married: Kathleen Alice b. 1907, d. 1977

Book Reference: Habari 17, 18, Staff 39, Mischief, Red 31, Hut, Colonial, Dominion

War Service: ex Captain, Northumberland Fusiliers in WW1

School: Strand School, King's College

General Information:

Habari 18 - 'Jack was one of the two members of the Force who were first on the scene that early morning when the body of the murdered Lord Erroll was discovered in his car. On leaving the Police, Jack Fentum was appointed a Magistrate and when he retired he went to SA where he lived for many years. His wife Kay, who died some time ago, was a member of the Karen branch of the EAWL who was chosen to embroider their beautiful panel, a scene based on Karen Blixen's "Out of Africa", which may be seen with the other Kenya Tapestries in Parliament Buildings in Nairobi. Jack was very proud of his wife's work, and often spoke of it, up to the last.'  (Source: 'Jambo' magazine)  
Mischief - called to the scene of the murder of Lord Erroll
Dominion - Assistant Inspector of Police - 1930 - C.G. Fenton
Habari 17 - Jack served in the First World War, and I believe that shortly thereafter he went to Palestine. He joined the Force as a E.P.C. I think in the mid 1920s. When I joined the Force he was Court Prosecutor in Nairobi and he used to strike me as being somewhat irascible, which was in fact the completely wrong impression. He later became  a Resident Magistrate and served in that capacity for some years. He retired to England, but came to South Africa to live in George about 17 years ago [1971]

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