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Name: INSTONE, Harry Norman 'Bertie' KPM, CPM

Birth Date: 23 Dec 1897 Wolverhampton

Death Date: 9 Dec 1985 Fishbourne, Chichester

First Date: 1926

Profession: Kenya Police Superintendent - retired in 1950, moving to the Isle of Man and then Chichester. Asst. Superintendent, Kenya Police in 1939, appointed 1936. Originally Constable 1926

Area: Nyeri 1939, 1930 Eldoret

Married: 25 Apr 1936 Annie Emily Williams b. 10 July 1903 Birmingham, d. 6 Feb 1994 Newport, Glamorgan

Children: Jennifer Anne (1939); Anthony (1947)

Book Reference: Habari 26, Police, Staff 39, Red 31, Hut, Colonial, Baptism, Dominion

War Service: Military service 1914-18

School: Wolverhampton Grammar School

General Information:

Police - H.N. Instone has recalled that car parking problems, especially outside the Theatre Royal in Delamere Avenue and the Lyric Theatre in Hardinge Street, during 1926 and 1927 were already acute. Cars were often unlicensed and not roadworthy. Once he saw an African Constable of the Traffic Squad placing a large stone beneath a back wheel of a European settler's car parked at the Theatre Royal. When questioned, the Constable stated that "the car belonged to Bwana Mawe and always had a stone placed behind the back wheel. If this was not done, he became very angry." Bwana Mawe appeared before the Resident Magistrate, Mr Gamble, on a charge of having inefficient brakes and was suitably fined. Often cars were parked on a pavement, Instone says, or in a sanitary lane or some other forbidden spot. Parking was bad and many traffic accidents occurred. Shopkeepers parked their cars all day in front of their shops and strongly resented being told by the Police to remove them. Many were taken to Court for this offence and fined. Race meetings always proved exceptionally busy for the traffic squad.
Dominion - Assistant Inspector of Police - 1930

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