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Name: TEMPLE-BOREHAM, Lyn MC (Major)

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Nee: son of Walter, bro of Ernest and Evelyn Temple-Boreham

First Date: 1937

Profession: Game warden; Masai Mara's 1st game warden

Book Reference: Sitrep 1, 2, Ruark, Rundgren, Morkel, Kingsley-Heath, Sun Sand and Safari

General Information:

Morkel - probably the most efficient game ranger I have ever met in my roamings through Africa.
Kingsley-Heath - Former game warden of the Narok area of Kenya Masailand. Strict and stood for no nonsense. Acted as deputy chief game warden. Highly respected. 
Ruark - A massive bloke with fierce moustaches who dislikes society hunters, by and large, and loves lions.
One of the original '500' men in the Kenya Regt. in 1937. RSM at the 1937 Ngong Hill Camp.

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