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Name: TURNER, Ailsa Alice Emily, Mrs

Nee: Scudamore Smith

Death Date: 5 Mar 1949 Nairobi

First Date: 1917

Profession: One of the founders of the EAWL in 1917. President of the EAWL 1925-40

Married: 1912 Ralph Beresford Turner (1879-1972)

Book Reference: Seventy, Sixty, Nicholls, Naivasha

General Information:

Nicholls - The witty and rather wicked Daphne Moore (her private comments on others were always funny but rather cruel - she said the wife of Sidney Fazan, PC at Kisumu, always reminded her of a wicker wastepaper basket which had not been emptied) threw herself with verve into overseeing all women's organisations, though she was sorely tried by infighting and the actions of Mrs A. Turner. She also tried to curb in Government House the 'blatant extravagances' introduced by the Brooke-Pophams.
Naivasha - EAWL - When the League was formed in Nairobi in 1917 with Mrs Ralph Turner as President ……..
Gazette 31 May 1949 probate

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