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Name: TEMPLE-BOREHAM, Evelyn Wood MBE, MC (Major)

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Nee: son of Walter and bro of Ernest Morris Wood Temple-Boreham

Birth Date: 6 Mar 1913 Hayes, Kent

Death Date: 30 Jan 1954 Ol Kalou

First Date: 1929

Profession: Stock Inspector, Veterinary Dept., Kenya in 1939, appointed 1938. Originally Lab Student 1931. Game Ranger, Game Dept. In 1953

Area: Naivasha, Narok, Ngong

Married: Joan Katherine Pottinger d. 7 Apr 1977 Ballycastle, N Ireland

Children: ?Ernest Morris

Book Reference: Sitrep 1, 2, Staff 39, Staff 53, Ruark, Rundgren, Morkel, Carson, Hut, Colonial, Darling, Kingsley Heath

War Service: Military service 1939-46, Major

General Information:

Masai Mara's first game warden.
Darling - Evelyn Temple-Boreham who knew, conversed with, and enjoyed the respect of the bush African in a way which I saw in very few other white men; his barazzas (council meetings) with the Masai liabon [sic] (chief priest) and elders were dignified, business-like, and charged with trusty good humour. …..
Gazette 5/4/1938 - Honorary Game Warden
Gazette 6 Dec 1938 Kiambu Voters List expunged 
One of the original '500' men in the Kenya Regt. in 1937. (KR 199). RSM at the 1937 Ngong Hill Camp.
Gazette  20 June 1969 probate
Gazette 1 Feb 1965 probate for him required by person of the same name (son)
Gazette 20 June 1969 probate (for his son?)
Gazette 24 Feb 1979 wife's probate
Morkel - probably the most efficient game ranger I have ever met in my roamings through Africa.
Kingsley-Heath - Former game warden of the Narok area of Kenya Masailand. Strict and stood for no nonsense. Acted as deputy chief game warden. Highly respected. 
Ruark - A massive bloke with fierce moustaches who dislikes society hunters, by and large, and loves lions.


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