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Name: WIGRAM, Gerald Frederic

Nee: cousin of Oswald Thomas and nephew of Beresford Edward Wigram, related to Rev. Sir C.W. Wigram Bt. son of Loftus Edward Wigram

Birth Date: 30 Dec 1916 Hampstead

Death Date: 17 May 2009 Calverleigh, Devon

First Date: 1937

Profession: Sent out to help his uncle Major Gerald Edwards on his ranch at Rumuruti and practically took it over

Area: 'Grange Farm' Lugari, Rumuruti, Hut 1937 Sugota Naibor

Married: In Elgon 11 Dec 1948 Anne Christal Butler b. 6 Jan 1909, d. 1981 (dau of Hon L.J.P. Butler, related to Baron Dunboyne)

Children: Carolyn Lesley (Perry) (22 Aug 1950-2002); Marylee Anne (Ravnkilde) (16 Mar 1952 Kitale); Bridget Margaret (Simmons) (1954)

Book Reference: Sitrep 2, Mrs Mary Hoey, Debrett, Hut, Burke, Foster

War Service: Capt. KAR

School: Marlborough

General Information:

Foster - 1936 arrived in Kenya; initially worked for Major W.G. Edwards, ranching in the Rumuruti area on land owned by Mr Bryan Curry; later Wigram bought out Curry and ran 3000 acres with cattle and growing maize to feed the labour; during 1939-45 War joined KAR and served in Abyssinia, Madagascar and India. He was demobbed in England in 1946; bought farm near Kitale and was married by Rev. Boxley; he had 3 daughters; after his Farm School (the teacher was arranged by his cousin Rev. O. Wigram) was burnt down by Dini ya Msamba in 1957 he left Kenya and bought the prep. School for Blundells and ran that for 20 years.
Debrett - formerly Capt. KAR
One of the original '500' men in the Kenya Regt. in 1937. (KR 221).
A very nice chap.

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