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Name: FEY, James Ernest Venn

Nee: son of Capt. Ernest Fey

Birth Date: 23.10.1919 Nairobi

Death Date: 1986

Profession: Hunter; farmer

Area: Kinangop

Book Reference: Sitrep 2, Gethin, Fey, White Man, Chandler

General Information:

Chandler - Fey was a Kenya professional hunter who was definitely not a fellow to mess with, especially if you were a stock-raiding lion. Fey's parents (Ernest and Mary, both of whom died in 1936) built a farm on the slopes of the Aberdare Mountains in 1906. On this farm they produced cattle, sheep, horses, honey, and later, pyrethrum. Jim grew up roaming the woods with his relatives and Kikuyu friends and learned to hunt at an early age, protecting the farm's livestock from lion and other predators. The family lived there until the late 1950s, when a government scheme appropriated all the land in the district for distribution to African small-farmers. One night in 1922 lion killed 4 donkeys belonging to Fey. Setting up a bait the next evening, he killed 14 lion in less than 2 hours. Fey also took up professional hunting and guided the Maharaja of Datia on safari in 1921. With 2 other men shooting as well, the party accounted for 34 lion and 2 leopard in one night.
Gethin - Died shortly after WW1? [this must be Leonard James]
One of the original '500' men in the Kenya Regt. in 1937 (KR 393).  

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