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Name: KNIGHT, John Duncan 'Jock'

Nee: son of William Edward Duncan Knight

Birth Date: 14 Apr 1906 Whitfield, Kent

Death Date: 5 Jan 1993 Newhouse Farm, Warehouse Ware, Herts.

First Date: 1930

Profession: Pottery manager

Area: Kitale, Limuru, Nairobi

Married: 1. Marjorie Brown 2. Jean Stucky (Australian Asst. Matron, Nairobi Hospital)

Children: Richard D. (1936); another

Book Reference: Sitrep 2, Red 31, Hut, Harmony

General Information:

Member of Lodge Harmony - Joined 3/2/47, age 41, Pottery Manager, Nairobi
Hut - Engineer
One of the original '500' men in the Kenya Regt. in 1937. (KR 470).
Brother Duncan killed on active service with RFC in WW1; bro of Kit and  Edith Mary Duncan Knight and Jean Elspeth Duncan Knight

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