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Name: PORCELLI, Ernest George Macdonald, Baron (Major)

Nee: son of Baron Alfred Porcelli

Birth Date: 27 May 1886 Murree, India

Death Date: 25 Aug 1964 Florence

First Date: 1917

Profession: Army

Married: In Kensington 6 Jan 1927 Mrs Ethel Donaldson Liddell née Sloan b. 25 Aug 1886 New York, d. 11 Jan 1978 Westminster

Children: Ronald (17 Dec 1927 Marylebone-1995); Anne Elizabeth (1929)

Book Reference: Sitrep 6, Moyse, Web, Gazette

War Service: D.C.L.I., KAR

School: St. Lawrence College, Ramsgate

General Information:

Sitrep 6 - Africa General Service Medal 1902-56 - Jubaland 1917-18 - This bar was awarded to 5 & 1/6 KAR and No 1 Section 9 (Murree) Mountain Bty. for service under Lt. Col. W.E.H. Barratt (KAR), Maj. E.G.M. Porcelli (DCLI), Capts J.F. Wolseley-Bourne and O. Martin (KAR), in military operations - 1917/18 - against the Northern Aulihan tribe west of the Juba river, or north or east of a line Waregta - Lake Abeleni - Lorian Swamp - El Wak - Dolo.
Web - British Perspectives on Aulihan Somali Unrest in the East Africa Protectorate, 1915-18 by George L. Simpson Jr. - Major E.G.M. Porcelli, the British officer commanding troops in Jubaland - 1916 …….. Sept. 1917 - Major E.G.M. Porcelli, leader of the advancing southern British column, was slightly wounded along with a few of his askaris when a group of 100 Aulihan attacked them on the Juba at the end of September.
Gazette 1/8/1913 - Arrived on 1st Appointment - 3rd KAR - 11/7/1913
Moyse - 1917 - O.C. Troops, Jubaland

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