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Name: CORBETT, Nigel Edward Frank

Nee: son of Frank and the Hon. Mrs Elizabeth Corbett of Folkestone

Birth Date: 23.9.1876 Stockholm

Death Date: 10.10.1947 Nairobi

Nationality: British

First Date: 1900

Profession: Asst. Collector EAP, DC. Visited Plateau with Sir P. Girouard. Yates Farm, Turbo

Area: 1912 DC Uasin Gishu, Eldoret, Farm 116 Eldoret, 1909 Nakuru, Machakos, 1947 Yates Farm Turbo

Married: In Presteigne 10 Feb 1904 Eleanor Isabel Corbett [sic] b. 1869 Presteigne, d. 10 Nov 1932 Uasin Gishu

Children: Frances Audrey Eleanor (25.5.1910 Cheltenham-1979); Margaret Winifred (15 July 1916 Cheltenham-1965)

Book Reference: Gillett, HBEA, KFA, Eldoret, Roosevelt, KAD, Red 25, Red 31, EAS, Hut, North, Playne, EA Diary 1903, Drumkey, Red 22, Cave, Advertiser, EAHB 1906, Gazette, Eton, Medals, EA Diary 1902, EAHB 1904, EAHB 1907, SS, Chandler

School: Eton

General Information:

When visiting the Plateau with Sir Percy Girouard, he called a meeting of all the settlers in that area to decide what the future town at that point should be called. After many suggestions Mr Corbett pointed out that that portion of the Sosiani river was really called the 'Eldore' River and as the river flows towards Nandi and Nandi names invariably end in 'T', suggested they call it Eldoret. His suggestion immediately received wide approval and that is how Eldoret received its name. (In 1912 it was officially named).   
KFA - the friend and helper of all genuine pioneers, had retired from Government service to take up a farm - "one of his first acts as a settler", an official report records, "being the public-spirited one (as it is by some considered) of buying Mr X's farm and thus allowing this gentleman to take his departure." Mr Corbett's successor was reputed to drink a bottle of gin before lunch, a bottle of whisky before dinner and to issue daily to every resident of Eldoret a 'kikapu' of fresh vegetables from the prison farm. When N.E.F. Corbett came here with Inspector Tanner to establish an administration boma to serve the newly formed Uasin Gishu district of Naivasha Province, their HQ was provisionally at Farm 45 (Burnt Forest). They later moved to Farm 84 (Kapsaret) but as this was not ideal nor really central amongst the development, Corbett failed to acquire Mr. J.H. Engelbrecht's farm and was persuaded by the number of applications for business plots on the farm which Gosling had sited the Post Office, to move to "64". A corrugated iron police station was built, and the DC's house, also of corrugated iron. Corbett or Arnoldi suggested the name "Eldare".  
Roosevelt - DC in Sergoi area - 1909 - helped arrange a Nandi lion hunt for Roosevelt. .... Mr & Mrs Corbett - were hospitality itself.
The African Standard - 26-2-1903 - Invited to the wedding of H.R. Phelips & Miss Jacquette Edith Lambe in Mombasa
North - Appt. Asst. Collector EAP, Rabai; Appt. Asst. Judge EAP 13/6/1901; Issued with Public Officer's Game Licence, Nairobi 30/1/1901; Asst. Judge, Kisumu 25/8/1902
Playne - Committee member of Rift Valley Sports Club 1909
Red 22 - Vice-President and Steward, Uasin Gishu Gymkhana Club, Eldoret
Cave - 1901 - Nairobi - …Mr Corbett (a very young Judge) came to dinner
Advertiser - 4/9/1908 - Nakuru - Mr & Mrs D'Etienne gave a farewell lunch to Messrs Tanner & Corbett
Gazette 15/7/1902 - Issued with Public Officer's Game Licence - 9/4/02
Eton (1892) - Preparing for the Foreign Office; only son of the late Minister at Stockholm (1893)
North - arr. Mombasa from England 27-5-1905; Appt. 2nd Class Magistrate Rabai June 1905; Appt. Acting Collector Machakos 8-11-1905
Medals - East African Political Department - EA Labour Corps, Second Lieutenant
EA Diary 1902 - Listed as Assistant District Officer
EA Diary 1903 - Assistant Colector, EA Protectorate, May 1900
EAHB 1907 - Collector - Fort Hall
Soldier Settlement Scheme after WW1 - Class B - Lieut. N.E.F. Corbett, Sports Club, St. James' Square, SW1 - Farm 155 - Representative Mrs Corbett, P.O. Eldoret
Gazette - 29/10/1919 - Register of Voters - Plateau South - N.E.F. Corbet, Settler, Eldoret
KFA - First DC at Eldoret in 1912. Came from India and spoke Hindustani and was a good friend of Juma Hajee's father, Hajee Noormohamed.
Red 25 has Farmer, Eldoret
1939 England and Wales Register living alone in Leatherhead

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