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Name: WATERMAN, Albert Ernest

Birth Date: 1878 Buckhurst Hill, Essex

Death Date: 8 Feb 1949 Nairobi

First Date: 1919

Last Date: 1949

Profession: Manager of the Stanley Hotel

Area: Nairobi

Married: In Forest Gate, Essex 6 Mar 1902 Florence Annie Wittleton b. 1882 Southwark, d.14 Mar 1965 Thika

Children: Doris May (Harries) (1904 Southampton); Alberta Florence Gwennie (Knott) (1914); Ruby Cornelia Annie( Kinnell) (1906 West Ham)

Book Reference: Brewery, KAD, Red 25, Red 31, Garden, Macmillan, Red 22, Barnes, Gazette, CO

General Information:

A company known as Kenya Breweries Limited was formally registered on 8 December and production began on 14th December 1922. Charles Hurst was the first brewer. Going by the manual he followed the instructions implicitly, boiled the resultant solution in a small copper vessel over a kuni [wood] fire, bottled the brew and carried ten cases, the first order, to Mr Waterman, the manager of the Stanley Hotel. Those who remember Mr Waterman can imagine the kindliness with which he would have accepted the crates, have extracted the cork from the first bottle of local beer, tasted the brew and raised his eyes to that high roof of the Stanley lounge.
Garden - '........ The 'New Stanley' in Nairobi is really too grand to be called an inn; it is a first-class hotel; beautiful suites with their private bathrooms, cool restful decorations, good service, excellent food and the personal attention of a most understanding manager, Mr Waterman, and his wife. Their daughter at Ruiru has a small squab farm .....…..'
CO 533/576 - Member of the Jury in trial of L.W. Churcher for murder in 1925
Macmillan - 1930 - The New Stanley …. The whole organisation of the establishment is under the personal supervision of Mr Albert Ernest Waterman, the popular and highly esteemed manager, who has had an exceptionally long and varied experience of catering in all its branches and phases. He was for many years in the catering departments of the Union Castle Line and the South African Railways, and was later manager of the Opera House Restaurant, Cape Town. He became manager of the New Stanley in 1916, and to his capable direction has been largely due its remarkable success since then.
Barnes - Nairobi City Park Cemetery - Albert Ernest Waterman, died 8 Feb 1949 aged 71 AND Florence Annie Waterman, died 14 Mar 1965 aged 83, buried in the next plot
Gazette - 12/11/1919 - Register of Voters - Nairobi, North Area - Albert Ernest Waterman - Hotel Manager, New Stanley Hotel and Mrs Florence Annie Waterman - New Stanley Hotel
Gazette - 11/11/1925 - Application for Hotel & General Retail Liquor Licence - A E Waterman - New Stanley Hotel
KAD 1922 has A.E. Waterman, Box 75, Nbi.
Red 25 - New Stanley Hotel
Gazette - Voters List 1936 - Albert Ernest Waterman, Hotel Manager, New Stanley Hotel and Mrs Florence Annie Waterman, New Stanley Hotel
Gazette 22 Mar 1949 probate
Gazette 6 July 1965 wife's probate

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