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Name: OGILVIE, Clive

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Birth Date: 1895

Death Date: 18.2.1924 Nairobi, gunshot wound of brain

First Date: 1921

Last Date: 1924

Profession: Asst. DC, bank official 1924

Area: Box 99, Nairobi, Hut 1922 Narok

Book Reference: Nondies, KAD, Hut, Red 22, Barnes, Web, Gazette

War Service: KAR

General Information:

Barnes - Early player for Nondies Rugby Club - 1930s
Web - Nondies Club History - From an article by founding member J. Worlledge in the East African Standard, April 28th 1972 - "…. Three men met in the bar in Nairobi Club - Worlledge, Ogilvie and Owles - and chewed over the setting up of a new club. First thing to be decided was the name. After a few drinks Worlledge said, " … In our Hill side we have Scots, English men, Welsh men, Irish men, South Africans, New Zealanders and Australians - we are a nondescript lot, so let the name be Nondescripts. There is no other rugby team of that name, although there is a cricket team in England so called ….." " ….. They drank to the new club and then got down to the question of colours. Again it was Worlledge who came up with the answer. "I think we should have white shirts and shorts like England but with the Kenya Lion instead of the English rose and red and white ringed stockings. A team going onto the field dressed in white always looks bigger than it actually is. Puts the wind up the opposition." The two others concurred. Wederburn's Parklands lot called themselves Harlequins, acquired a pitch at Muthaiga and then took that name. Nondescripts later teamed up with Parklands Club. …… "
Nairobi Forest Road Cemetery - Clive Ogilvie, British, age 29, died 18/2/24
Gazette - 3/12/1919 - Register of Voters - Rift Valley Area - C. Ogilvie - Assistant District Commissioner - Narok
Member of Nairobi Rugby XV 1921. Member of the original committee of Nondescripts RFC in 1923
Gazette - 30/4/1924 - Probate and Administration - Clive Ogilvie, late of Nairobi who died at Nairobi on 18 February 1924. Applied for by Bernard Martin O'Keefe
UK Foreign and Overseas Registers for death. This gives his occup. as bank official

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