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Birth Date: ?11 July 1855 Somerset East, S. Africa

Nationality: British

First Date: 1901

Profession: A mineral prospector who safaried on foot in most parts of EA, he was the first to run Tudor House Hotel in Mombasa.

Area: Mombasa

Book Reference: Gillett, Norden, North

General Information:

Norden - 1923 - near Narok - met a Transvaaler driving oxen teams - working at the Mara mines near the Tanganyika border. At the moment he was conveying a transport of mining machinery from Kijabe, and hoped to cover the distance of 160 miles .... in 22 days .... Mr Anderson ? ..... At Chacha - Mr Anderson our Transvaal cowpuncher and ox-cart friend was also there and had fallen in love with the KAR man's [keeping cooperative store with his wife] 16 year old sister-in-law
North - Mineral prospector in EA c.1902
?Robert Embleton Anderson in S. Africa

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