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Name: PEARSON, Thomas Crawford 'Perry' DSC (Commander, RN)

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Birth Date: 2 Oct 1897 Edinburgh

Death Date: 10 June 1966 Knysna, S. Africa

First Date: 1922

Profession: Farmer at Eldama Farm, Eldama Ravine

Area: Njoro, 1922 Kitale, Hut - 1922 Eldama Farm, Eldama Ravine, Rongai

Married: In Eldama Ravine 1928 Mary Dickson b. 7 Aug 1902 Croydon, d. 2 Sep 1989 Knysna, Cape Province, S. Africa

Children: John Malcolm (2 Sep 1929 Nakuru-1 Feb 1954 Kenya); Thomas (6 Aug 1935 Nakuru); Sheila ((8 May 1934 Nakuru)

Book Reference: Golf, KAD, Red 25, Hut, Red 22, Stud, Rift Valley

General Information:

EA Stud Book 1954 - Cattle - Ayrshires - T.C. Pearson, Eldama Ravine
Rift Valley - Member of the Rift Valley Sports Club - Jan 1929 - Elected - 17 Nov 1925 - T.C. Pearson
Well known golfer at Njoro in 30's
One son John Malcolm 'Hoppy' was shot accidentally on patrol on Mt Kenya
Gazette 22 Dec 1967 probate
Letter from R.G. Ridley - "[Eldama Ravine] ... the Pearsons were also 'one of the family'. Before he married, Commander Pearson 'Perry' was a partner with another ex-naval officer in a farm at Kitale next door to a retired Admiral, ....... whose signpost pointed to "Admiral's End". Perry will always be remembered for putting up their signpost - "Snottie's Bottom".
Malcolm Richards (grandson) Rejoined navy in WW2, received DSC for bravery in action under fire in Tobruk - when the enemy captured Tobruk his ship was the last to leave.

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