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Name: DICKINSON, William Vicris Digby 'Dicker' MC (Major)

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Birth Date: 2 Nov 1889 Swansea

Death Date: 24 Nov 1948 Nairobi

First Date: 1925

Profession: Well known professional big-game hunter. His brother commanded the EA Forces in WW2. He himself was a Major in Intelligence.

Area: 1930 KAR Nairobi, 1925 Meru, 1948 Thomson's Falls

Married: 1. 1929 Winifred Geraldine Schalch (dau of Ernest Vernon Gerald Schalch and later Mrs Gallatley); 2. 1946 Mrs Joyce Helen Elizabeth Campbell Clause née Henderson (dau. of George James Henderson and prev. m. Charles Frederick Campbell-Clause 1892-1945 and later m. John Charles Everard 1899-1970)

Children: 1. Judy; Lindy; Jeremy 2. Heatherbell (1948)

Book Reference: Golf, Red 25, Red 31, Hut, Njoro, Gazette, Ian Campbell Clause, Bur, Robin Schalch, Marula, Chandler, Ker, Safari Trail, Greenhorn, Horning

School: Cheltenham College

General Information:

Njoro - The Ronald Marshall Cup 1927 - W. Dickinson
Gazette - 23/9/1914 - Appt. - Orderly Officer - Lieutenant W.V.D. Dickinson, KAR, to date September 3rd 1914
Ian Campbell Clause - He was a well known white hunter between the wars being the first to shoot an okapi legally. A rich American used to hire him to collect trophies for the American Museum of Natural History in New York I think. It was a tax deduction for the American whose name I think was Bill Campbell - but could be wrong.
Nairobi City Park Burial Register - Lt.-Col. W M Vicrist Digby Dickinson, age 59, died 24/11/48
Chandler - Dickinson hunted in the Lado Enclave with Boyes, Pickering, and Knowles around 1910, and he briefly worked for the Uganda Public Works Department. It is possible that Dickinson is the same man as Dickens ?
Red 1925 - 5th KAR, Meru
Gazette - 4/7/1917 - Birthday Honours - MC - Captain W.V.D. Dickinson, S Wales Bord & KAR
Horning - Fortunately I had Dickinson with me, who is not only a great hunter, but one of the most diplomatic individuals I had ever met.
Greenhorn - in charge of hunters on filming of 'Trader Horn'
Gazette 6 Dec 1938 Coast Voters List has Digley

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