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Name: RICE, Harry Patrick OBE (Capt.)

Birth Date: 13.11.1886 Portsmouth

Death Date: 1887 Haringey, London

First Date: 1916

Last Date: 1932

Profession: BEA Police - ex SA Constabulary. Police - an Asst. Superintendent in 1923 at the time of the plan to kidnap the Governor etc. ... Promoted from Asst. Superintendent to Superintendent.

Area: 1922 Eldoret, 1925 Nakuru, 1930 Nairobi

Married: Violet b. 4.9.1892

Children: Patricia (12.5.1920); Desmond (1924)

Book Reference: Police, KAD, Red 25, Red 31, Hut, Colonial, Red 22, Dominion, Gazette

War Service: KAR 1916-19

General Information:

Police - Started 'The Kenya Police Review' in 1927, when he was Superintendent in charge of Nairobi. ........ In 1929 traffic problems at Nairobi had become a real headache for the Police. The first "white lines" were painted at the junction of Government Road and River Roads by Superintendent H.P. Rice, Cadet Asst. Superintendent E.K. Laws and Inspector Corry Thomas. On Saturday afternoons and some Sunday mornings they were busily occupied with their paint pots and brushes. There was a good bit of trial and error about the whole matter and often to the confusion of the motorist two or three lines of varying clarity would appear at some corners.
The "island" in Delamere Avenue opposite the New Stanley Hotel did not exist then. But some empty petrol drums were placed in position as an experiment, while the Police strove to direct vehicular traffic in navigating these obstacles until the most convenient size and shape of the proposed island could be determined. This makeshift contraption became known as the "Barrellogram". For a time, at least, it furnished an intriguing game for motorists, which resembled one of ninepins, and was much enjoyed by all, perticularly after a party at Torrs Hotel.
Colonial - SA Constabulary 1906-15; Asst. Supt. Police Kenya 1919; Supt. 1926; Dep. Commdt. Pol. (CID) Palestine 1932; Dep. Inspr-Gen. 1936
Dominion - Superintendent of Police - 1930
Gazette 7/1/1920 - Arrived on 1st Appointment - Asst. Superintendent of Police - 25/12/1919
KAD 1922 Asst. Superintendent of Police, Uasin Gishu
1939 England and Wales Register living with wife and dau in Bromley, Kent

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