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Name: WILLIAMS, Cyril Herbert CMG, OBE 'Hal' 'Ngombe'

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Birth Date: 27 Dec 1908 Poona, India

Death Date: 27 Nov 1983 Sussex

First Date: 1931

Profession: Appointed as a DO in 1931. At Kiambu in 1939. PC Nyanza 1951-56. Retired. Farming in Kenya 1956-65. Mem. Kenya Council of State 1961-64. Chairman Naivasha CC 1961-64. Returned to England to teach.

Area: Kiambu, Meru, Mandera, Kisii, Kwale, Kakamega, Garissa, Narok, Kisumu, Chatu Farm Ol Kalou

Married: In Sussex 15 Feb 1936 Patricia Joy Collyer (in Kenya 1930-64) b.3 March 1912, d. 25 Dec 2007 Scotland (niece of Olive and Margaret Collyer)

Children: John Richard (Nairobi 5 Apr 1938-2 Oct 2016 Hastings); Susan Margaret (Duke); Veronica Olive (Bellers) (twins b. Kisumu 16 Feb 1943)

Book Reference: Staff 39, Staff 53, EAWL, Who's Who, Hut, Colonial, EA & Rhodesia, O&C, Foster

School: Bedford Modern School, Jesus College, Cambridge 1927-31; BA (Cantab)

General Information:

Went out to the Kenya Colonial Service from Cambridge in 1931. He saw life in the Colonial Service in Kiambu, Mandera, Kwale, Garissa, Kakamega and completed it as PC Nyanza. He was given a CMG for preventing the spread of Mau Mau to Nyanza. I believe this was partly due to having excellent relations with the chiefs in the Province and keeping up very good lines of communication. He was 6ft 4ins and built to match. He had played rugger for Cambridge and was a sound cricketer. At Cambridge he was renamed Hal and in Kenya many called him Ngombe. He was also great fun with a delightful twinkle. Africans would fall about helpless with laughter at his rather weak jokes. He was considered by African and European alike to be just and kind.  Source - Mrs V. Bellers (daughter).
Who's Who - Master: Westerleigh School 1965-66; Great Sanders School 1966-69; Claremont School 1969-74. Recreations: reading, watching sport.
East Africa & Rhodesia - 5/1/56 - CMG - PC, Nyanza Province, Kenya. Colonial Service, Kenya 1931; district officer Kakamega 1949; provincial commissioner 1951. Attended Colonial Agricultural Conference Cambridge 1949.
Bellers - My father, Hal Williams, whose family did not have money [he had won a scholarship to Cambridge] joined the Kenya Administration in 1931. He wrote that he had "looked forward to the opportunity of doing some good amongst backward peoples." He also liked to tease us by saying that his main motive was to get away from his creditors. There may have been some truth in this because, anxious about being pursued by "an august body called the Colonial Service Debt Collecting Agency" he earnestly hoped that his first posting would be in the "blue, blue blue" where the cost of living would be cheap and he could repay his university debts. ……  
My father tried to enter the Sudan Political Service but was turned down. He was later accepted by Kenya.  Going up to Cambridge on a scholarship from Bedford Modern School, my father had four glorious years at Jesus College. His full name was Cyril Herbert Williams but a friend at University had, mercifully, dubbed him Bluff King Hal, of which the 'Hal' stuck.  Later, in Kenya, he was known as 'Ngombe' (bull) and sometimes as 'C.H.'  He stood six foot four and built to match with ears that stuck out cheerfully and small eyes that twinkled. When he smiled his mouth stretched quite straight across his face, which endowed it with an endearing innocence "He had a charming manner and easy temperament which made him beloved by all who knew him." and along with almost every other undergraduate at the time, he had the time of his life at University. …… My father was awarded a rugby Blue in 1930, his post-graduate year.
Gazette 6 Dec 1938 Kiambu Voters List

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