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Name: DALLAS, Thrasubulos W. 'Thrasyboulas'

Birth Date: Greece

Death Date: 1900 - died of thirst, or killed by wild animals in region of Kibwezi

Nationality: Greek

First Date: 1895

Last Date: 1900

Profession: Greek by birth, he owned the Grand Hotel, Mombasa, but on safari lost his way on a journey from Voi to Kilimanjaro and died of exhaustion and thirst

Area: Mombasa

Book Reference: Gillett, Permanent Way, North, Nicholls, Mills Railway, Gazette

General Information:

Permanent Way - The only hotel in Mombasa in those days [1895] was the Grand Hotel - grand only in name. It was owned by a Greek, named Dallas, who lost his way on a journey from Voi to the German station in the Kilimanjaro district and died of thirst. The Grand Hotel was a double-storied building - long since demolished - which stood opposite to the statue erected to the memory of Sir William Mackinnon. .................. A Greek contractor [to the Uganda Railway in 1900] had been paid 30,000 rupees for a job for which he claimed 38,000 rupees. After enquiry, it was established that his claim was correct. The accounts branch then sent him a draft for 38,000 rupees instead of the correct sum of 8,000 rupees. An accountant discovered the mistake and wrote to the contractor telling him that the discrepancy was unlikely to be discovered for some months, that he would then have to refund the overpayment of 30,000 rupees, but that, in the meantime, the ready money would probably be of use to him. In response, the contractor sent the accountant a cheque for 8,000 rupees, which the latter accepted. Shortly afterwards the contractor lost his way on a journey between Voi and the German EA frontier and died of thirst. On his body an incriminating letter from the accountant was found. The latter's house was searched and the letter enclosing the cheque was also found. The accountant was tried, convicted and sentenced to 9 months' imprisonment.
North - Owner of the Grand Hotel, Mombasa, "grand only in name". Contracting earthworks for Uganda Railway c. 1899; Disappeared in the region of Kibwezi when travelling between Taveta and Makindu, May or June 1900. Found to have been working scam with Railway accountant E. Lumsden, sending out duplicate invoices and paying Lumsden a cut if they were both cleared. Lumsden was jailed for 2 years after incriminating papers were found in Dallas' effects after his death.
Gazette - 15-6-1900 - The disappearance in the neighbourhood of Kibwezi of Mr Dallas, a well known figure in Mombasa, is reported under circumstances which unfortunately preclude any possibility of his still being alive.
It appears that Mr Dallas was travelling from Kilimanjaro to Makindu with a herd of cattle when his party ran short of water. Mr Dallas, his personal servant, and an askari pressed on for some days undergoing meanwhile the most terrible privations. Eventually the two latter were despatched in advance to look for water which they were successful in getting at an Mkamba village. When, however, after some considerable delay a search for the unfortunate trader was made he could not be found. Some of his clothes were afterwards discovered including a 'topee' which appeared to have been bitten through by some wild animal. From this it would seem that Mr Dallas did not die of thirst but was carried off in all probability by leopards.
His death deprives Mombasa of a most energetic and enterprising business man who aimed at opening up and developing the resources of the country.

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