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Name: KELLY, John O'Brien

Birth Date: 1908 Limerick

First Date: 1936

Profession: Deputy Registrar of the Supreme Court, Kenya in 1939, appointed 1936

Area: Mombasa

Book Reference: Sitrep 2, Staff 39, Kinloch, Colonial, Darling

School: BA (Mod) LLB, (Trinity College, Dublin) Solicitor, Irish Free State

General Information:

Kinloch - a particularly astute, and expensive, advocate who specialised in protecting the interests of Mombasa's varied Asian community. Adept at getting his clients acquitted on legal technicalities.
Colonial - Solr. (IFS 1931); Private practice 1931-36; Dep. Registrar Sup. Ct. Kenya 1936; also deputy Offl. Recr. and ex-officio agt. for public trustee, Coast prov.; Ag. Registrar Sup. Ct. and Ag. Registrar HM Ct. of Appeal for EA 1937
Darling - 1956 - A retired legal Civil Servant living in Mombasa, Brian Kelly by name - need one say more? - now acts as counsel for Indians and draws high fees. He is a bully and has a way of finding technical hitches in procedure …….
From LImerick, Ireland
One of the original '500' men in the Kenya Regt. in 1937. (KR 67)

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