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Name: PATERSON, Albert Rutherford CMG (Dr.)

Birth Date: 13 July 1885 Glasgow

Death Date: 26 Aug 1959 Nairobi

First Date: 1916

Profession: Director of Medical Services, Kenya in 1939, appointed 1933. Originally Medical Officer 1916.

Area: 'Rura', Ngong, Nairobi

Married: 1931 Madeline Ruth Alice von Bleichert of Leipzig

Children: 3 sons, 1 dau.

Book Reference: Staff 39, Perham, Debrett, KAD, Red 25, Red 31, Karen 50, Thurston, Red 22, Carman, Dominion, Foster, Beck

War Service: Nigerian Regt.

School: Glasgow High School and Glasgow Univ. MB, CHB (Glas), DPH (Cantab) DTM&H (Cantab)

General Information:

Perham - 1929 - He is a curious character, a fastidious bachelor, rather affected in manner, with an enthusiasm, bordering on obsession, for latrines. I have not time to write of all he has told me of their relation to native health and happiness. ...... a brilliant teacher. He has faith and imagination.
Debrett - European War 1914-18 in W. Africa and E. Africa; was Med Officer, S. Nigeria 1914-15, Dep. Director of Sanitary Services, Kenya 1920-33, and Dir. of Med. Services, Kenya 1933-43
Thurston - CO 533, 500/1 - 1938 - Exhibition of photographs in London: proposal by Dr. A.R. Paterson
Red 22 - General Hon. Sec., British Medical Association, Kenya Branch Carman - Dr Paterson who succeeded Gilks was no clinician and had never aspired to become one; his first and only love was Public Health and he was without doubt the ablest administrator ever to hold the post of DMS Kenya under the old Colonial regime. He was however a poor judge of men and was prone to be taken in by 'yes-men'. He was also prone to become obsessed by grandiose schemes and when he was engaged upon one of them, the whole work of the Department was apt to be subordinated to his predilection of the moment.
Dominion - Deputy Director Sanitary Services - 1930
KAD 1922 - Chief Sanitation Officer.
Red 25 - Chief Sanitation Officer 1920 - .
Karen 50 - One of the original members of Karen Club in 1937 (Dr. & Mrs)
Gazette 6 Dec 1938 Kiambu Voters Roll
Web -Univ of Glasgow story - After the war Albert traveled to Kenya where he became a respected medical officer. Upon recognising his dedication to the field, Albert was promoted to deputy director of sanitary services in Kenya where he worked for 13 years before taking over as director when his colleague J.L Gilks retired. Albert himself retired as director in 1941 however continued to serve as president of the Kenya Branch of the British Medical Association from 1946 to 1948. Albert was married to Madeline Ruth Alice in 1931 with whom he had four children; three sons and one daughter. He is also noted for being a celebrated medical author writing books and documents including; The Book of Civilization (1935), The Human Situation in East Africa and The Case for the Appointment of a Royal Commission on Health and Population in His Majesty’s Dependencies in Africa. An obituary written in the British Medical Journal on 14th November 1959 states “Dr. A. R. Paterson was in many ways a remarkable man and one who left his mark upon Kenya during some of the colony’s most important years of development”. Dr Albert Rutherford Paterson died in his home in Nairobi on 26th August 1959 at the age of 74.
Career: House Physician and House Surg., Glasgow Royal Infirmary (1908-); Resident Physician City of Glasgow Fever Hospital; House Physician Glasgow Royal Maternity and Women’s Hospital; MO Nigeria (1914); seconded to RAMC Cameroon (1914-16); RAMC East Africa (1916-19); MO Kenya (1920); DDSS Kenya (1920-33); DMS Kenya (1933-41); retired Kenya; 

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